23 Ways to Improve Click & Revenue Adsense / PPC Advertising

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23 Ways to Improve Click & Revenue Adsense / PPC Advertising

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23 Ways to Improve Click & Revenue Adsense / PPC Advertising

23 Ways to Improve Click & Revenue Adsense / PPC Advertising
January 19, 2015 By Shakir Rahman ~ Leave a comment

Hey bro! How are you today? This might be a good day ?

Okay, in this post I will discuss a topic that has actually been much discussed by other bloggers. If you find this post through google, you will definitely see a lot of other similar posts. But, trust me on this one different from the others, and certainly more complete! -and long (2500+ words) -. So, if you currently have little time for reading, my advice bookmark (CTRL + D) once this article :). This post is a summary of the postings of others that I read, my experience and some fellow bloggers, as well as some purely the result of my own analysis.

Although discussed more about google adsense, equally fitting and can be applied for those who follow other than adsense PPC, with the same system that PPC ads based on keywords.


As we know that the way most “mainstream” to make money from blogs is to become publisher Pay Per Click advertising services. In this case, the most famous PPC service is Google Adsense. With the system and progr

am a professional, Google adsense is able to differentiate between quality sites, which are not. Where fraudulent by clicking on the ad itself (fraud), which is fair. In this way, all publishers are required to be honest and professional so that the revenue from the ads completely pure and usually less than optimal. However, this will never happen if you do optimization on your ad.

Yes, by optimizing the ads displayed on your site, at least click on your ad will be increased so that income is also increasing. Before going further into your ad optimization, you should first understand what that factor into the high-low number of clicks on your ads.
Causes of high and low CTR Adsense / PPC Advertising

As far as I studied and analysis, there are 5 things that affect the high or low clicks on your ad.
1. Topic, Content & keyword

3 this is a major factor affecting much / at least click on your ad. The reason is the number of people interested in the topic and the other one is different. Quality content so the main factors why people want to read and linger in your blog. The keyword or keywords into ad reference as to what will be displayed on your site.
2. Traffic / Visitors

Who will click on your ad? of course, the visitor is not it ?. The more visitors, the more potential ad clicks. The problem is, what percentage of visitors who click on your ad. This is largely determined by the characteristics of the visitors.
3. Design and templates

Your blog template designs and greatly affect the behavior of visitors. Psychologically, a design can affect mood and comfort of visitors. In addition the design also can make people focus on specific areas on your site.
4. Ad placement

Visitors do not come to your blog to click on ads. Ad placement greatly affect the potential for ad clicks. It is also very closely linked to the design and templates you use.
5. Content and Display advertising

No matter how good you optimize all four points above, if a visitor hate your ads, what’s the point ?. Thus, the content and appearance will influence your Click Through Rate ads.

Well, after knowing what the cause of the high-low CTR of your ads, the next step is to optimize the five factors above with the following steps.
Topics, content and keyword

5 tips below are actually for those who have not made their blogs. But, if you already choose your topic, it does not mean you have to repeat. Perform only points 1 and 4, and skip the points 2 and 3.
1. Perform keyword research

It is most obliged if you create a site that will be monetized with ads PPC or google adsense is a research keywords (keyword research). This research will provide information on how many people who like certain topics, how many people are searching for a particular keyword in the search engine. You will also find out how much your competitors. With this, you will know what topics are most suitable and what to do in the future.

Keyword research also provides information on how expensive the ad clicks on a particular topic, which will optimize your income as well. You also should not ignore this. But here I will only discuss about how many clicks, instead of the price of clicks, as a click price is determined more by market / advertiser.

To conduct keyword research, please visit the Google Keyword Planner
2. Choose the general topic for the layman

It is associated with point number one. Choose a topic for the layman, that the topics that can be enjoyed by anyone, be it parents, teens, children, men, women, students, employees, and sebagainya.Topik nice to adsense is Technology & gadgets, health, sports, social media entertainment and so on.

You should not select topics that readers only among certain people, such as web design topics. The reason, I have proved myself and very difficult hehehe #belajardaripengalaman. The reason I did not change the topic of the blog is because I do not focus on optimizing this blog for adsense, but more on personal branding.
3. The more specific topics

Kinda hard to do, to determine the specific topics that can be enjoyed by anyone. The reason why you need a specific topic is to influence the content of the ad. Blog on specific topics will usually display ads with great content, which may increase the potential visitor clicks.

Examples of specific topics that good example topic gadget specs and prices. To get another topic which is better, of course, do the keyword research again.
4. Linkages and relevancy of content

One other important thing is the discussion on your blog to be interrelated and relevant to each other. The more relevant one article to another article, the better. Same as number 3, is also to influence the content of the ad. But more important is to make visitors more comfortable to linger in your blog, which potentially will click on the ads if the ads that appear in accordance with the needs of visitors.
Traffic / Visitors

blog visitor traffic

In my opinion, this is the most difficult factor to our optimization. First, the number of visitors is the most important factor is not easily available. Second, not many visitors who will click on your ads. The first point, is a necessary condition that must keep you optimize for however many visitors is directly proportional to income. So, first optimize the number of visitors you are a new, do three steps below.
5. Create a cozy visitors

Yep, make visitors comfortable. Do not let them close clicking our sites before they read our blog content. Many things can make visitors comfortable. 2 The most important thing is the content and design, which also specifically discussed in this article. Another thing that can make visitors comfortable, is the style of your writing. Tata straightforward language, clear but relaxed also affect the comfort of visitors.

Same as point number 4, the convenience of visitors is to make visitors linger on our blog and confront them with advertising that suits them.
6. Visitors from search engines better

Source traffic a blog of course vary. There are of blogwalking, forums, social media and search engines. Of these, the most potential visitors to click on ads are visitors from the search engines. Ask why? because most of them come to seek a solution which was quite possible solutions exist in our advertising.

The other reason is they really do not know us, so they will not hesitate to click on an ad if it suits their needs. In contrast to the visitors of blogwalking, forums or social media that in fact his coming because we promote both overt and covert. They are also usually reluctant to click on ads because they know that if we promote.

So, optimize visitors coming from search engines with SEO optimization.
7. Characteristics of visitors is crucial

Know that the behavior of visitors every blog is different. No visitors are willing to click on ads due respect to you that provide free content, some are mediocre, others hate you because there are ads on your blog. All these characteristics are determined by where they come from, topic, content and design of your blog, writing style and so on.

The most decisive is the topic of your blog. Blog with general topics such as health, sports and tourism will be easier to receive ad clicks than blogs with a niche online business or blog tips. This is because blog visitors with a general topic, they are only concerned with their needs. Meanwhile, visitors to the online business blog and blog tips, will be thinking first before clicking on ads because they’re more critical, -and stingy: p.
Web Design and Template

I suggest the following design-oriented psychology of visitors to his attention focused on the ad. Written based on my own experience and analysis.

Design and templates for adsense
8. Layout Boxed with small width

If you look at the picture, you’ll know what I mean. Layout boxed with a width of 1000 pixels or smaller will narrow and focus the viewport visitors to your blog. So, when there are ads next to content, divided their attention only on content and ads, not on other elements that are more likely to click on the ad.
9. Design with the dominance of white background

The reason your design should be predominantly white, is if there is another element other than white then these elements will stand out and get more attention than any other element. Well, in this case Ads are what you need to highlight. When a visitor viewing area narrowed with boxed layout, coupled with the prominence of the ads from the other elements of course the potential for ad clicks will increase.
10. Use the left sidebar

If your blog has a sidebar, then place it on the left. It is based on the fact that people read and see a blog from left to right, so that elements on the left will be more prominent than on the right. Unless your blog is a language in Arabic or RTL (right to left), then you should do the opposite.
11. Reduce the elements and widgets

Decimate elements and widgets that are not important step is that there is no “competitor” your ad is going to steal the attention of visitors. If forced to use certain widgets for navigation, try not to stand out and design is similar to the content. In this way, there will not be another focus for the attention of visitors in addition to the content and advertising.

Risks of using 4 points above is the design of your blog will be very simple.
laying Ad

Laying the adsense ads

When the template design and you are correct, then the next step is to optimize the placement of your ad.
12. Advertising is made sticky

See ad on the left you high? yes, it is called sticky. Sticky elements are elements that escaped from scrolling. As I have proved myself, besides ads are ads received the most clicks. Of course, because that ad continues to follow when you scroll through pages of this blog.

Update: To google adsense ads sticky types of policy violations. So do not use for PPC google adsense.

Ad sticky modified using javascript. To make it sticky element in the blog, please read this post.
13. Ads placed on content

Ads are placed on the content has a high potential clicks. This is because the content is the main focus of visitors. Moreover, if the ad is placed in the middle of the content, and more prominent than the content itself. But, it should be noted that not too much to place ads on the content, as this will have an effect on your visitors defection. Ads can be placed on the origin of the content is not intrusive.
14. Advertising under the menu

Another element that most attention after the content is the menu. The menu is the exit / entrance of visitors to your blog. Well, put your ads in front of the “door” of course will potentially click advertising is not it ?. So place the ad horizontally just below the menu on your blog.
15. Advertising content below

When your visitors just a few seconds finished reading an article in your blog, they do not have focus anymore. They will perform “click” to search for content or any other page. Well, take advantage of the vacancy this focus by displaying your ad, before they switch to another page or away from your blog. Use horizontal ad, or two large square-shaped ads.
16. Advertisements are placed on the right page

In addition to putting an ad in the correct position, you also need to put an ad in the “room” is appropriate. In this case, the exact meaning of the most crowded or visited. So, do not waste popular posts on your blog, but make use of optimally be a field.
17. Advertising on the left sidebar

As I said at the optimization of the design, the better for the left sidebar blog with language LTR (Left to Right). Well, take advantage of the left sidebar became a place for advertising. Advertising on the left sidebar is an ad that received the highest focus on the types of ads that did not risk disturbing the comfort of visitors.

Good advertising to be placed on the left sidebar of this is kind of a big ad and vertical (lengthwise down).
Appearance and ad content

Ads can only be the main focus and concern after the content, but what if the ad is hated visitors? all of the above steps will not help !. Well, this part is the part that visitors do not hate your ad.
18. The combination of text and images

The combination of text and images on the advertising greatly affect the focus of visitors and the quality of the ad. The images on the advertising function for these ads appealing and unsightly. Text in the ad served to lure visitors to click on the ad.
19. Animated ads

If the text and images yet alluring, then “move” text and images so that more interactive and interesting. Animated ads more attractive and engaging seehingga have a higher potential for the click. But the animation here is an animation created professionally and not animated flashing with color Alay. Like this would damage the eyes of visitors.

So, should not be arbitrary.
20. The ad content according to the content of the blog

However, ad content is more important than design. No matter how good the design of advertising, if the content is bad would be pointless. Well, one good ad content is relevant to the topic of the blog. If the visitor likes the topic of your blog posts, relevant content on your ads would also have liked, or at least not be hated.
21. Ad responsive

You should know that the number of people using smartphones to access the web increases from year to year. Because of this, make ads that appear on your blog responsive. Ads appear on HP well generally more potent in clicks than ads that appear on the desktop. Because the mobile users who access your blog in blog examines each element sequentially by sliding the screen. As a result, there is a time where the whole display smartphone focused only on an ad to trigger clicks.

Moreover, if the website you are mostly using mobile then this will be a fruitful field for your income. For ad placement responsive, you should place it in the top of the content, or in the middle of the content can be guaranteed for smartphone users will not spend the time to see the whole page down to the very bottom.
22. Ad size: the bigger the better

There is one absolute rule for the size of the ad that you post: Bigger, better. Ads with a large size even more prominent and also have the content and the design more interesting. However, the large size of the ad is not suitable if placed on the content. Ads with a suitably large size is placed in the sidebar of your blog.
23. The ad content in the form of a solution

Could you post the ads that it is the content that visitors are looking for? Of course it’s possible. But, it is very difficult to get the ads that really useful to visitors. Ads like this kind also usually influenced by the topic.

For Google adsense, types of ads such as this example is advertising on blogs tourism. Ads on tourism blogs usually show ads hotels, and holiday packages which are very useful and a solution to the readers who come for seeking information on the streets.

Things you can do to get this type of ad content is to know the needs of visitors, then write articles that takes a visitor. Ad content will follow.


That’s 23 powerful tips to increase your google adsense revenue. Of the 23 points above, you do not have to implement all of them in your blog if it would lead to confusion design or discomfort visitors. Apply one by one, the utmost important. After that, the evaluation.

What do you think? have another opinion? please feel free to comment. May be useful.

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