7 Reasons Why Insurance is Important?

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7 Reasons Why Insurance is Important?

22/02/2021 General 0

Number of bids to get insurance, sometimes confusing and puzzling. Actually, how important Insurance is? Is it just a waste of money? Or really any good. Insurance benefits will not actually felt before a risk coming upon us. Then why did we have to have insurance? And how we need insurance? Here are 10 reasons why we have to have insurance. 1. Protecting the event is certain – Death Which was bound to coming death. Yes Dead. He certainly will come, we just do not know when he’s dating. So we need insurance. Because when we leave this world tidakkan we want to keep our family happy we care? Insurance is not a ‘repellent death’ but insurance is not at all ’cause of death. Choose when we have to precede the family, whether they suffer and languish or they are happy, even without us? The answer lies in your own self.2. Protect against uncertain events – not plannedAnother came when the risk of death before it comes. And we can not do anything more for the happiness of the abandoned, the question is, Do we want to see them happy even though we are not powerless?3. Safe and secure with InsuranceInsurance foster a sense of security and peace. Because of the risk, the risk that may hit already anticipated as possible. Even if not completely. All appropriate and listed in the contract.4. As an investment instrument, and more disciplined SavingsWhen wanting proceeds to grow our business investment. Where too many fraudulent investment platform. And savings in banks subject to inflation, and often it’s easy to withdraw money through ATMs. Little by Lama, know knows exhausted.Invest in an existing unit-linked insurance (linked to investments) it is quite a wise choice. When deposits are rarely grow, fill it nor discipline. Always tempted to draining. So with no insurance plus investment discipline. The result is up to us later would later be used for anything. Can buy your dream house, dream car, and also travel to the desired place.5. To increase business capitalIn between spending money that is consuming the bag, so to spend money in the sense that a lot is, buy a house, buy a car and venture capital. By investing in insurance can also increase business capital.6. Useful to Prepare and Plan Your Future RetirementAmong the advantages of insurance, especially with regard to investment is very useful for your future plans to help realize your future. Mario Teguh menyakinkah that insurance is a ‘little money to buy big money’.7. He will give you peace and quietBy having insurance then we will be calm. This peace is important. In a day-by-day life, any activity we do will be easy if we calm the soul. Restlessness and mental anxiety will bring harm to our health.So Do not delay immediately have insurance. And consult with your sales force, what and how your insurance needs due to the need for insurance of each was different. ***

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