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10 Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7 10 Free

10 Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7 10 free By Mark WIlson 7 days ago Applications   Cut, filter, combine and convert videos in seconds The best free video editor Free video editing software has come a long way since the glory days of Windows Movie Maker. Today’s best free video editors are packed…
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06/12/2016 2

How to Copy CD DVD Video without DVD Burner Drive Windows 7 with Nero

In order to copy a DVD Video to another DVD using one 1 Drive. You must copy (make) “disc image” first in internal drive on your computer. Actually every copy CD or DVD even if you have 2 drive or 2 CD/DVD writer, the computer make the “image” itself, and the file is on the…
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27/11/2016 0

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