Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Tutorial for Beginner

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Tutorial for Beginner

04/11/2022 Adobe Premiere Pro Beginner 0

Adobe Premiere CC 2015 Tutorial for Beginner

Adobe Premiere Tutorial Basic Full Complete

  1. Introduction Pengenalan
  2. New Features
  3. How to insert/import file video into project 
  4. How to cut 
  5. How to insert audio 
  6. How to render 
  7. How to burn 
  8. How to Make CD label
  9. How to Promote Video Production Company
  10. How to Manage Finance 

This is the step by step. Actually not complete, just i will try to make a module to Video Editing Course/School that we share.

1. Intoduction

What new in adobe premiere pro cc 2015. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 release (June 2016) delivers easy proxy media creation that allows you to switch seamlessly between original high-resolution and proxy low-resolution clips. Get your work done faster with the Premiere Pro family of apps, connected to each other and to your creative assets by Creative Cloud, providing a more streamlined way to create.  Premiere Pro also now offers powerful support for VR Video workflows. Color and light have never been more important and with new enhancements to the Lumetri Color tools, creative possibilities are greatly expanded. Thanks to CreativeSync, all your creative assets — your media, looks, images, and Stock content — are available in Premiere Pro CC.

Premiere Pro Proxy Workflow

Premiere Pro now supports proxy media creation, allowing you to easily switch between original/high-resolution and proxy/low-resolution clips. Heavy 8K, HD or HFR media can overload even the most powerful computer systems. Using lower-resolution proxies can speed up editing, while maintaining the ability to switch back to the original high resolution media for final output. With proxy creation, you can work with high-resolution media flexibly, across different devices (for example, on lightweight devices that are slower and have less storage). Switching between proxy/low-resolution and original/high-resolution files has never been easier or more fluid.

To learn more, see Proxy Workflow.

Ingest Workflow

Now you can start editing footage immediately while it’s being imported in the background. Mount the camera media and start editing right away. Once the copy is complete, Premiere Pro switches to using the copied media—allowing the camera media to be freed up for use elsewhere.

To learn more, see Ingest Workflow.

VR Video Workflow

A new VR workflow allows you to move around virtually inside spherical media using new monitor controls or by click-dragging on the video for a complete preview of the VR video playback experience. Premiere Pro export properly flags the file so VR-capable video players such as YouTube automatically recognize it. You can also preview stereoscopic VR media by switching into anaglyph mode (requires anaglyph 3D glasses).

To learn more, see Support for VR Workflows.

New Enhancements to Lumetri Color Tools

New enhancements to the Lumetri Color tools help you be more creative with color. For example, using HSL Secondaries, you can easily select a specific range of colors to make adjustments to. Premiere Pro also now offers color grading control surface support, which gives users finer control over the subtleties of the color grade than what can be achieved with a mouse and keyboard. Using the White Balance eyedropper feature, you can now set the white balance within the frame with a single click. You can also set the brightness of the scopes to one of three levels to make them more readable in various lighting conditions. Apply preset SpeedLooks with just one click.

Control Surface Support

Lumetri panel grading controls can now be mapped to control surface devices (Tangent Devices – Elements/Wave/Ripple).

HSL Secondaries

A new section called HSL Secondary has been added to the Lumetri Color effect. This section provides more color tools to isolate a color/luma key and apply a secondary color correction to it.

To learn more, see HSL Secondaries.

Lumetri Scopes Enhancements

The Lumetri Scopes now feature improvements to 8-bit display quality, and the ability to adjust the brightness of the scopes from Normal(100%) to Bright(125%) or Dimmed(50%).

To learn more, see View Lumetri Scopes.

New SpeedLooks Linear Look Bundle

Premiere Pro now comes with SpeedLooks Studio Linear, a new creative look presets package. These look presets are optimized for Rec709/DSLR footage.

Editing Enhancements

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Notable keyboard shortcuts that have been added include:

  • A toggle that allows you to instantly zoom all the way in on the Timeline to view individual frames, and back out to the previous zoom level.
  • A new shortcut to generate peak files for audio waveforms. This feature is useful when you have the Automatic peak file generation preference disabled.
  • New Shortcut to Add/Remove a keyframe.
  • New Shortcut to Nudge keyframe in time by one frame.
  • New Shortcut to select the Next/Previous keyframe.
  • New Shortcut to Increase/Decrease keyframe value.

To learn more, see Default Keyboard Shortcuts.

Enhanced editing experience

Multiple enhancements have been added to the editing experience to ensure editors can work faster and more efficiently. Range selection now auto scrolls the timeline vertically to select more clips outside the current view. Remove specific effects using the Remove Attributes command.

To learn more, see Create and change sequences.

VFX Clip Marker Workflow

All clip markers for a sequence can now be displayed in the markers panel.  Filter clip markers in the
markers panel by color and view only those colored markers.

To learn more, see Working with Markers.

Using multiselection for field options and field dominance

Premiere Pro now allows you to apply the field dominance to multiple clips in the timeline (or project panel).

New Minimum Timeline Height

You can now drag sequence video and audio tracks to a shorter timeline height, collapsing tracks not in active use to devote more space to others.

Improved Morph Cut Face Detection

Premiere Pro now comes with improved Morph Cut Face Detection. Premiere can now find faces in more challenging shots, giving editors the option to use a morph cut.

Ability to remove individual effects

Premiere Pro now allows you to select clips in a sequence that already have effects applied, and use the Remove Attributes command to remove specific effects from a range of clips.

Timeline vertical auto scroll when range selecting

Premiere Pro’s timeline now auto-scrolls the timeline vertically to select clips beyond the current view while using the selection or lasso tool.

New open captions

Premiere Pro features new features to allow editors to create and edit open captions. An editor can now create open captions (subtitles) directly in Premiere Pro without having to use a 3rd party plug-in to create them. This feature allows a user to select the font, color, size, and positioning of open captions on screen.

To learn more, see New Open Captions.

Performance and stability improvements

Premiere Pro now ensures maximum performance with support for H264 GPU acceleration on Windows. Users with lightweight PCs and integrated Intel GPUs can now experience improved playback performance with H264 media due to GPU acceleration.

Fast, flexible editing workflows with broad native camera support

Premiere Pro now offers broader native format support (including Red Weapon).  You can now edit virtually any type of media and not worry about transcoding, thanks to broad native format support. This saves much time and allows you to jump-start the editing process.

Expanded support in Premiere Pro’s Titler for MENA languages

The Title functionality within Premiere Pro CC now supports more languages in their native alphabets, including MENA territories: Arabic and Hebrew. Users in more geographies can now incorporate titles in their native alphabets.

Enhanced Export Options

Destination Publishing support for Twitter

Twitter has been added to Premiere Pro’s extensive destination publishing workflow, joining other social media publishing options such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Now users can render and share videos directly to Twitter from Premiere Pro.

Panasonic AVC-LongG export support

Premiere Pro has added support for the Panasonic AVC-LongG codecs (AVC-LongG6/12/25/50) in an MXF OP1a wrapper. These codecs are available under the MXF OP1a format.

AS-10 export support

Premiere Pro now allows you to export using the AS-10 export option, which is now available in the format drop down.

FCP XML Time Remapping Support

Premiere Pro now supports the import of Speed ramps and exporting the same to Final Cut Pro XML documents.

Direct Export to XDCAM HD Disc

Premiere Pro now has an option to directly export to an XDCAMHD Disc. When an XDCAM HD codec is selected there is a Sony device compatibility check box. Checking this enables support for writing directly to an XDCAM HD disc.

QT XDCAM HD to MXF XDCAM HD Smart Rendering

You can now smart render your QuickTime XDCAM HD sources in to an MXF wrapper.  It’s as simple as selecting the Enable Smart Rendering check box of a matching MXF OP1a preset.

Premiere Pro does not support smart rendering MXF XDCAM sources to QuickTime XDCAM.

HEVC Support for 10-bit output

Premiere Pro now offers support for HEVC 10-bit export, which is available under the Profiles setting of the HEVC Video tab. Main 10 profile permits 10-bit exports. You can also export using the Rec. 2020 color primaries when you select the Main 10 profile.

New check box added to remove XAVC-Intra spec limitation on duration

A new check box, Sony device compatibility has been added to XAVC export settings. By default, this setting is deselected and generates output that always matches the full duration of your source. When checked, the output adheres to Sony specifications that may truncate the end of your file.

Match Source option for still image formats

Match Source is now offered for all still image formats supported by AME, matching the source frame height, width, rate, field order, and aspect ratio. Older presets have been removed and replaced with the new Match Source versions.

Twirl down/up state

Twirl states are now remembered in Export Settings so they don’t have to be readjusted to an up/down open/closed state each time.

Purchase of Stock Assets

You can now purchase Stock assets directly from within the Premiere Pro Project area. For watermarked Stock assets, you can now see a new Shopping Cart icon in the Project area for these files, and you can now purchase Stock assets directly from the Project area by clicking this icon. Also, if you have a watermarked Stock asset in a Sequence, you can right click the clip in the sequence to see a License option in the context menu. You can purchase a watermarked Stock asset directly from the clip in the Sequence.

Better Collaborative Workflows

You can now share read-only CC Libraries that are locked from editing but can still be used. New assets can be automatically updated and shared instantly. This feature allows you to share read-only locked Library assets that cannot be renamed or deleted from the library. You can also set different
levels of access to a read-only library. ‘Edit only’ access allows collaborators to edit, rename move or delete the contents of a library. View only access limits a collaborator to using and commenting on an asset. You can now share a public link(URL) to share library assets and this library appears in the users’ library panel, so they can automatically get updates to the library in the apps that support Libraries.

Dolby Vision Metadata Preservation

This feature allows users with Dolby Vision MXF clips to export cuts-only copies of Dolby clips to a new Dolby container, along with smart rendering of the underlying media files. If any changes are applied, the exported MXF does not retain the Dolby metadata. This is a useful way to join together or make cuts-only edits to existing Dolby Vision material.

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