Beginner Strategies To Increase Adsense Earnings Constant

Beginner Strategies To Increase Adsense Earnings Constant

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Beginner Strategies To Increase Adsense Earnings Constant

You may already have heard a lot about how to improve your AdSense earnings, as many blogs that are already discussing about this. But you may not be aware of some of the strategies that will increase your AdSense earnings as a beginner. Well, departing from my experience to share with you.
How to increase adsense revenue strategy right?

This is for beginners, but it should be done from scratch. Making money from Google AdSense is easy, does not need a particular expertise on the investment or adept at making money online using AdSense. Which is enough we do is write and write only.

You can see for yourself that the tab earnings / income definitely growing every day. The question is how much improvement? I’m not talking heroics.

Is quite satisfied with the income that much-so alone? Honestly, at the beginning put adsense ad unit code first, it took me eight months to get a salary adsense prime. And the money I get is a minimum payment threshold. That is 100 dollars a coma so.

Well, this is based on my experience that might make you to further increase adsense income. Make a benchmark for not more than eight months as I’ve ever experienced the first time.
Strategies For Traffic blog content

My advice, you do not be too bothered thinking about adsense penghasilann first. Think of a time under 8 months to create content and generate traffic. Not only hundreds of visitors every day, but thousands of unique visitors each day.

Which becomes the question, if this is hard for you?

Although there are many alternatives to increase your Google AdSense revenue, but the way and the strategy I use is to achieve a constant income.

That means your income will flow continuously, even more and reach the minimum that I could get, from 8 months since the first payday adsense.


To increase your AdSense earnings as a beginner, all you need is a content rich site. which makes quality content and more useful for many people. In the sense of giving penngertian clearly and able to provide informative value to visitors.

This should you make in your content.

    Find and make popular content on your niche.
    Creating content is much better than other blogs.
    Creating targeted promotions.

It was 3 capital should you do in writing the content, pay attention to every article can give more value for visitors and in the event it provides many benefits.

The next step is to obtain and get traffic as much as possible ….

SEO Strategies for content and increase traffic

Optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to increase your AdSense earnings. Without SEO, it will take many months and even up to several years to get decent traffic from Google.

No need to over-optimization in your article, because Google does not like over in SEO. At least you need to understand an important part of your blog, so you can easily readable in the search engines.

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increase adsense earnings

Blog traffic click mania

It’s the traffic that I produced for approximately 8 months managing the blog, it takes time and consistent if you want a serious run adsense. Because the most important in increasing adsense revenue is traffic.

    Make the original article in your blog niche.
    Create an article and a minimum update 1 article each day in a row in the first 3 months.
    Promotion article, this is not me explain. There have been many blogs that discuss ways of promotion articles.

Do not forget to mengptimasi keywords, because this is also very important. Due to the keywords targeted, many opportunities to bring up your articles and content in Google search results.

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Beat the competition in the google search results

The number of articles and content competition will be frustrating, to get great opportunities and position your article in the top 10 Google search. Even many of the same topics and on the pillowcase fellow bloggers.

Strategies for the opportunity and won the search results on google I have discussed in previous articles complete. Essentially we use techniques skyscraper. No need to be too serious consideration if you are confused.

increase adsense earnings

But one thing is for sure you have to make even more high quality articles, a complete and detailed explanation beyond your competitors are already memduduki google SERP rankings.

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Strategies to increase revenue with high paying adsense keywords

Well, we are now entering the stage associated with adsense. It also includes an important part in improving adsense income. I will describe in a simple illustration only.

High paying keyword (HPK) is a keyword that has a value of CPC (Cost Per Click / cost-per-click) high that is provided by the advertiser or commonly called the Advertiser. CPC (Cost Per Click / cost-per-click) high that is provided by the advertiser or commonly called the Advertiser.

increase adsense earnings

High paying keyword research for Adsense

We could use a few tools to find high paying keywords, some of the tools that have been popular is SEMRush or Wordtracker. but all of that average pay

We could use the facilities free of google google keyword ie planner, this tool provides a variety of criteria data for each keyword, such as advertiser competition, search volume, estimated cost per click (for AdWords advertising).

Not all criteria are displayed by default, but we have the option to change or filter criteria.

Why high paying keyword analysis important?

Back to the original question, why your adsense earnings are small and tend not increasing? one factor is not to implement the use of high paying keywords.

What was the high paying keywords in adsense?

High paying keywords are keywords that many in the fighting, because the value or price is very high, logic level of competition also remains high, because many web or blog targeting high paying keywords

One is to further improve google adsense revenue. It is rational, because competition advertising products also applies for the advertiser (advertiser).

By analyzing and knowing the level of competition, we still get a chance to apply high paying keywords into articles or blog posts.

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Ad placement strategies to maximize revenue adsense

Ad placements are very influential factor tto improve adsense income. For myself nice adsense ad placement is in the area of ​​the post, because when visitors come to our blog will focus on and look at the contents of the article. I already implemented and proven effective.

It also affects the size of the adsense income, because the location and the best position to adsense ad is in a strategic place. But we also have to menikuti development policy rule adsense ad placement.

Best practices for ad placement

In addition to the sidebar and header on the blog template, I prefer to place ads directly on the content. And it is very easy. If the wordpress plugin we can use this plugin Quick adsense including old plugin, but very effective and very easy to use.

increase adsense earnings

How to use the plugin quick adsense

With a quick plugin adsense we could put ads under the title, in paragraphs (all paragraphs), the middle of the article and the following articles very easily.

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Strategy determines adsense ad unit size

In addition to ad placement, to measure and improve adsense revenue is determining the size of the ad unit. We can read the guide’s most successful ad sizes adsense help page for more details.

As a rule of thumb, wider ad sizes tend to perform better than ads that extends for more readable. Readers absorb information in “thought units,” several words at a time.

In this strategy I modify the size of the ads to fit the screen of the device used by visitors, in addition to display ads on the desktop modification applies to the adjustment on the smartphone screen.

increase adsense earnings

Image from google

Performing ad sizes

Below is a standard unit of google adsense ads that have the best performance, to practice we can choose the placement of text and pictorial format.

    Adsense ad unit size of 300 × 250 – Tends to have more ad inventory available from advertisers, so as to increase adsense income when both text and image ads enabled.
    Adsense ad unit size of 336 × 280 – This ad size including my favorite, performs well when embedded within the content of the text or at the end of the article.
    Adsense ad unit size of 728 × 90 – Also known as the “big box”. Tend to have more ad inventory available from advertisers.
    Ukuran300x600 adsense ad unit – or often called a skyscraper, or a big banner. This ad unit is ample availability of inventory and average a click price is expensive.
    Adsense ad unit size of 320 × 100 – Also known as “mobile banner is great”. Can be used as an alternative to 320 × 50 and 300 × 250. These ads offer “mobile leaderboard”

See official sources

Please note also about the maximum number of adsense ads are allowed dalama one page. It is also important to achieve and increase your adsense revenue. But should be in accordance with the amount of advertising that have been defined adsense in one page.

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The above article can answer your doubts about the number of adsense ads may be placed on one page.

Modification Strategy adsense ads

Keep in mind, that for the modification of these adsense ads must comply with procedures and policies adsense. So we are not going to change anything in the ad unit code, in addition to the provisions of modifications are only allowed in adsense ads.

 This is some code modifications Adsense ads that can be accepted or allowed by the Google Adsense:

    Responsive design
    A / B Testing
    Dynamically assign Custom Channel
    Minimization Tag Ads

To modify this adsense ads My design combines responsive well as minimizing the ad tags with CSS Media. And the results are as shown below.

increase adsense earnings

ad sizes adsense

And the most special, if you place the adsense ad sizes responsive, then the result will look fills the post (to be great). Meaning they will follow the screen as the post area.

You can find this post apada article below.

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Strategies to increase adsense revenue with specialty channels

ni is also very important and affect your adsense income. By creating a custom channel (specialty channels) advertising that we put will be more targeted, because in the custom channel we just fill in the ad categories according to our will.

Adsense custom channel will later be viewed by the advertiser (advertiser) to focus more on the type of advertising that she’s advertising, so there will be deals.

increase adsense earnings

membut custom channel

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Create a custom channel adsense profits

    Party advertiser or advertiser will select and place ads that had he paid for in publish to a blog that really correspond to its advertising category.
    The advertisers will find in profitable, because their ads seen by people (visitors) is appropriate. Likewise party ad publishers (publisher) will feel at profitable as well, because the value of targeted advertising will be higher than the value of their CPC ads that are not targeted by special channels.
    Ads will appear relevant to adjust to the article, this means the opportunity to increase adsense revenue will be greater. Due to relevant ads have higher click value.
    Melacaj can monitor ad performance and which ads are potentially less well, so that we can replace it with a new ad unit with size.

The strategy of limited space with ad units link

Link ad units are very effective for more focused content, which visitors tend to be seeking specific information. Format link diverse units also save more space, must be adapted to the design of your blog.

increase adsense earnings

image from google

Responsive link units

Although the adsense ad unit already provides a link with some size, it would be good if placed the ad unit responsive. So it saves space and zoom will adjust on the device used by the visitor.

Is it allowed to place ads alongside standard ad units link adsense?

Consider the description of adsense help link below.

We recommend combining link units into new and unusual locations throughout your site. Remember that three link units per page can be placed on the page in addition to the three standard AdSense ad units.

Read the official source

Strategy ad filter / block ads adsense

Read this before performing filter or block adsense ads.

What is the right way to increase adsense earnings? This option is provided by google adsense not to display certain types or categories of ads on our blog page. But this is not the most appropriate way to increase adsense income.

increase adsense earnings

Many wrong view of this, if we filter ads then the advertising value will be higher, because only certain advertisements in accordance with the category of blogs that will appear.

Is that right?

The CPC or CPC forever we will never know, because this is a secret just between the advertiser and Google. So again this is a very wrong in increasing adsense revenue by way of ad filters.

What was supposed to be in the filter?

Blocking ads by sensitive category: You can block ads from categories related to sensitive topics such as Religion, Politics, and associated with adult content.

Blocking ads that do not support the language: many ads with other languages ​​that are milling approached our blog, for that we can block, so that more relevant ads out.

The rest we do not have to do the ad blocking ,. because enough with adsense advertising channel we could get to see more relevant ads on our blog.

The case study reports on the results of CPC ads

To increase adsense earnings in reality and constant as I describe above, and the most important is the quality kontenharuslah in priority. I still believe that quality content is one determinant of the intensity of the ad.

On the other blogs currently impaired CPC (cost per click) significantly, this blog can still be stable. Although it fell on the lowest value, but it is only temporary. Remember priority for user content is mandatory. And must be applied in making an article.

increase adsense earnings

CPC values ​​stable and consistently upward

With the value of CPC (Cost per Click) is high, then we would expect to earn adsense higher. The easiest example, if you get a click 10 times with a value of $ 0.03 CPC then I will be more superior earnings by the number 1 clicks on the ad.


A lot of which determines the value of advertising, in addition to the unit size, ad format and availability of the ad auction. Depending on the duration (RPM) page, if in the near future and make sure the same happens klik..bisa in CPC will follow the previous value. (down).

And if it only appears a lot to see with no clicks occurred in a long time, certainly CPC values ​​rising again.

In conclusion CPC value itself can change in one day. But definitely with initial high CPC value, then the chances of getting the advertising value will be higher as well.

The case study reports on the number of clicks in one day

For the opportunity to produce the number of clicks that much, then we must be adequate blog traffic. If only rely on the traffic of 500 unique visitors every day, then I think it is not quite separately generating maximum dollars from adsense.

Ideal for minimal traffic is 1000 unique visitors every day, then the amount or likelihood of click will be more and more. So that can not improve trafiik less dri, I suggest to remain diligent in updating the article every day.

increase adsense earnings

This image I had previously uploaded to Indonesian Adsense Publisher Discussion.

Sorry, not showing off or anything. Perhaps the number of clicks is far less as compared to other adsense publishers who already master. I only give some idea of ​​how to process the content on the blog to increase your adsense revenue in real time.

This blog itself was not yet 1 year old, if you could look at her rank quite okay (PD really). Because I fill up with original content and there are several articles as supporting and reinforcing pillars of this blog from google algorithm lacing successive.


Quite simply, to increase adsense revenue that is needed is

    quality content
    The amount of traffic the blog every day
    Maximizing ad in blog

Already it alone, do not think the others. That is considered is how these days to write and how to write content tomorrow. Simple right ….


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