Best Video Editing Software fo PC Laptop and Android

Best Video Editing Software fo PC Laptop and Android

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Software To Edit Video – What are you doing ya ..? of the filmed in front of a computer screen without doing anything mending we learn about video editing program.

Yes, an application for editing video or software to create a video. This article is suitable for my friend who stripped want to edit the video but still confused to choose what software is fit to be learned for the first time for a beginner.

BACA : Aplikasi Edit Foto Pengantin Online

Because of each program has the capability and features different then everyone would be different in determining which software option that feels most comfortable to be learned.

This time will be a little pal given a review of any application can be made for most video editing much in use by the best and most popular video editors are free or free download by anyone.

Video editor program name is certainly not something that is alien to their computer users often use these applications to convert the video to be a better and more creative. indeed sometimes nothing like the original video but many prefer the edited video.

The standpoint of a video editor to one another are very different they have different expertise in mengvisualisasikan imajenasi them.

Editor upscale to lower class all have uniqueness in making the video more interesting. let alone my friend wanted to become a creative video editor in addition to actively practicing buddy creativity required to have in order to be able to produce high-quality video and favored by many people.

As a reference the following I will give a list of names for the video editing software that is 100% free latest and most popular and best worldwide.

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If there is a desire in the mind of my friend want to learn video editing, there are several programs that can mate to learn all that I show below is a video editing application the most popular and sophisticated program quality and rich features.

Before my friend begin to weigh what software the most comfortable according to my friend there are some articles that may want to know about the video my friend, here are links to the article I meant.

How to Combine Video Editing Cut and most Easy

How to Make Video Slideshow of photos with music in 5 minutes
How to Become a Video Format Change Format Anything As you wishList of Applications Edit Video Best of the Best and most popular

Windows Movie Maker

video editing application windows movie maker
I’ve posted about this microsoft-made program.

The first impression when someone tries movie maker program most would say is easy to use because the program is designed in such a way that can be used by beginners.

This program is very appropriate if my friend wants to create and edit slideshows with video-effect-effect a unique and impressive.

for a more complete and detailed again try my friend see his article. there my friend will see the features of its features in detail.

please download the latest software at the link below.

Details How to Make Videos Using Windows Movie Maker Windows 7
How to Complete Applications Using Windows Movie Maker 8
Movie Maker Download Free Windows 7 And 8


video editing software
Bertikutnya is a program that is popular maker of video animations. although the file size of the installer is only 64 MB range alone software is able to make video slick and quite capable of representing imajenasi friend have in particular made a video in 3D.

in describing the application of this blender is not just simply one or two sentence explanation seharus lot of his spoken here but to avoid my words later even confusing here helps me explain a few sentences .. hehe.

This program does need to focus more when compared to other programs because the program is complex and certainly creativity is a must.

Why? Just as a small example, in this program has provided many suppose object image plane, cube, sircle, UVsphere.

ico sphere, cylinder, and much more then the picture can mate form into the shape of the image in the desired character.

Okay ready to learn this video editor application? .. who fear .. hehe …


video editing application virtual dub best free

Never tried the program’s video editor? about what can be done with my friend this one program.

for someone who wants to learn to edit video is no longer touch features that are not found in other programs my friend and of course the program will add color in creativity to make a video.

some of the security features of this software is compress vide, split (split misah video into several parts), add audio to the video. work faster. and so forth.


software application program Avidemux video maker

Studying this software is not so difficult because the userfriendly design making it suitable for my friend who may feel inferior to the video editor program unfocused.

trying to impress my friend see it looks simple and so easy to look at the tooling Utik.

with this app buddy can freely edit the video with a lot of features so videos with great results can mate materialize.

This application is also available versions of Linux, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X.

This feature Avidemux flagship software such as cutting, video encode / encoding or the process to change the origin signal into a form that is more optimal, there is another filtering tools that are used to decode video , adjust the light / video contras, mengcrop video or change the length and width of the video, and so forth, with this software friend can edit multiple video formats such as AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4 and ASF.

VSDC Freevideoeditor

a free application to edit video VSDC Freevideoeditor

The next one is almost my friend use to make a video in any format so that my friend does not need any other video converter software.

features that will be able to enjoy my friend like cut video into several parts. or delete parts of the video that does not want.

create video slideshows from photos, videos do sold into the picture, move the video object, color correction, object transformation and so forth.

for some people this software into karenaVSDC favorite software can also be my friend use to record screen activity into video file, change the format of the video, download video youtube, and other sebagaianya so impressed that this software is a complete package of a free software.


application for editing video LightWorks

Let us together to know this one cool app. This software is one of the most popular applications in the world because it is widely used by professionals for the film with the rich-effect that menaikjubkan using this application.

my friend can learn to use this software for various purposes buddy editing can also synergize these applications optimally with applications Avid and Final Cut Pro.

buddy can also integrate a number of effects created by Combustion, GenArts Sapphire, or even After Effects.

This application can also use a buddy to cut, mix the video with other video, trimming video, eliminating backgound video then replace it with another video background object so as to be in the position of another video.

usually the object to be edited at will put a cloth / blue color background (in terms of the film is often called the greenscreen) try my friend see many movie scenes using greenscreen with the aim of putting the object seemed to be somewhere else.

This greenscreen background function so that it is easier to remove when the editing process. and of course not only that there are many other features that are very helpful in creating a video full of admiration.

free software only had 41.95 Mb size if cultivated a professional will be able to produce stunning film work.

and happy if my friend wants to learn more about the LightWorks can find a lot of my friend’s video tutorials on youtube.

ZS4 Video Editor

video editing application program ZS4 Video Editor
With this software can my friend use to combine video with photos so that the video will be visible displays the photo. so too can mate into his mebambahkan-effect.

change the background video as well as replace the background image in photoshop.

full automation control tracks and the effects of variables, cross the full integration of audio and video, the audio and video signals simultaneously, and sub-mixer for grouping video and audio tracks, such as tutorial LightWorks tutorial on this ZS4 pal can easily find on youtube.

MPEG streamclip

free video editing software MPEG streamclip
please if my friend wants to edit video Dengah MPEG, VOB, PS, M2P, MOD, VRO, DAT, MOV, DV, AVI, MP4, TS, M2T, MMV, REC, VID, AVR, M2V, M1V, MPV, AIFF, M1A, MP2, MPA, AC3 and others.

program that is designed to mate in choosing video scaling for any size frame that uses the 2D-FIR scaler professional. Other optional video processing features include motion-adaptive deinterlacer, a field dominance converter, chroma reinterlacer and the option to perform interlaced scaling instead of progressive scaling.

Audio can be converted to compressed or IMA, AAC, MP2 or AMR using the built-in decoders MP1 / MP2 / AC3 ​​/ PCM high quality of MPEG Streamclip; It also kept in perfect sync with video using a timekeeping system.

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad video editing software download free video editor

This software is one of the favorite software belejar a beginner in video editing like me. way that is so easy to understand and a lot of features that can mate use to make a video or edit the video. what could be done this software? a lot of you know ..

but I just give you some important features only. such could provide record / narration on the video (recording sound through a microphone to the video that was made),

making subtitle yourself easily, create video slideshows from photos complete with pictures, breaking mecah video, tucking video, add video, merge video, video effect , audio effects, taking the screen, bact video editor, can be used for text to speech or text into voice so my friend can type in a text then the text will be the voice, the suite is an additional program that works to help buddy editing audio, photo, and many more. seems pretty well yes .. interested ..?

Kate’s Video Toolkit

pc video editing applications Kate’s Video Toolkit

Program is a basic video editor for trimming, joining, transitions or add sountract to video, as my friend see in the screenshot above buddy can convert, crop, and merge videos. also made a video with transition features. and so forth. with mini software is certainly going to save rung pal PC hard drive.

Pinnacle VideoSpin

free movie editing software Pinnacle VideoSpin

From the various lists of free video editing that I mentioned above video editor software includes software that has the greatest size is about 162 MB.

as well as on video movie maker can my friend use this software to create a slideshow with transition features, text with varied styles and colors, add music, and their efect pal who may have never seen before.

Here was my friend who might be able to see and select in the list of software and video editing applications free and are most popular buddy want. explore congratulations and good luck. Thank you.

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