Cheap Restaurant in Bali

Cheap Restaurant in Bali

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Restaurants Ubud, Sanur, Denpasar, Kuta and Bedugul 

Eating cheap in Ubud 
• Chicken Rice Kedewatan Ubud and its branch in Jalan Tukad Badung – Denpasar
• Resto Laka Leke in Ubud: crispy fried duck specialist tel 977 565 
• The restaurant at Jalan Bu Mangku Kedewatan-Ubud 
Cheap restaurants in Sanur
• Rice mix on the coast road immediately – Sanur. Open 7 am 
• D-Corner Café streets of Lake Poso – Sanur; Western and Indonesian. Cobain grilled snapper and mango tea .. tel. 288 737
• Nasi padang Lapau (in the Bypass Sanur, after arena cafe) 
Cheap restaurants in the area of ​​Denpasar 
• Depot Mi Akai at Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar (near the complex Citibank); mushroom chicken noodles, gyoza, water reed 
• Simple Padang Resto on Jalan Teuku Umar or in deket maze.
• Warung Ibu Tinuk at Jalan Teuku Umar or at Jalan Raya Kuta deket Kimia Farma Pharmacy; pecel, mixed vegetables, fried chicken, etc. 
• Warung Ward (mixed rice) in Jalan independence, Denpasar 
• HT Fried Duck in Jalan Merdeka – Denpasar
• Warung wardani in Jln Yudhisthira: Open from early in the evening, the menu is rice mixed bali 
• Source Depot Asih in Jalan Veteran – Denpasar; Surabaya foods such as rice Rames, oxtail soup, pecel 
• Ikan Bakar Cianjur in Renon. Pesmol carp, Tahu Sumedang, salad, vegetables, salt etc. Tel. 230 015 
• Warung Babi Guling Gemah Ripah in udayana shopping complex (sebrang tiara gods) – Denpasar. 
• at Jalan Warung Satria WR.Supratman: rice mix bali 
Cheap restaurant in Kuta Area 
• Favor Resto Bali, Jalan Raya Kuta deket Alfa; Chinese and seafood. Cobain crab / shrimp salted egg, sauteed eggplant. Tel. 755 715 
• Furama in Jalan Raya Kuta deket airport; porridge and chinese food 
• Warung Batan Waru next Discovery Mall; Indonesian food and Caucasians. Tel. 766 303 
• Food court – jl Kuta beach next to her kama sutra and in jl.sunset road next to his sushi tei (this provides a variety of food indo-western etc.) 
• Cafe Know Jl Oberoi
• Warung Batavia denngan Ice Doger famous and delicious Rujaknya now no longer new in the way Kunti 2 
• Favors point in the Kubu Anyar – Kutas 

Cheap restaurant in Bedugul 

• Restaurant Mentari – bedugul (buffet meals Indonesia)
• Pacung bedugul beautiful highway – yellow temple: buffet Indonesian food (kosher) Cheap eating houses in the region Kintamani 
• Batur Indah: Indonesian buffet (kosher)

Jl Poppies Lane, Kuta Beach, and Legian a lot of restaurants but most offer a western menu (burgers, spaghetti, grill, etc.) but there is also the restorant which offers a menu of Indonesia such as in Indonesia and Restaurant Restaurant in Jalan Padang Ronta. Mc Donnald No 3 on Jalan Legian, Kuta Square next to the Sun, and Jalan Pantai Kuta Kuta Beach fitting facing the right place for hanging out. There are 2 of the first KFC in Kuta Square in meeting Jalan Kartika Plaza and Jalan Pantai Kuta and at the Centro Mall in Kartika Plaza. For those of you who missed the Indonesian food can be found on Jalan Raya Tuban. from Legian back to Kartika Plaza toward Airport Ngurah Ray (past Joger). Here there soto Betawi, Javanese soup, chiness cuisine, which is famous mother Tinuk (Javanese oxtail soup easterlies)
Places of interest
Very many places that can be visited in Bali, one month in Bali was not enough to explore this pretty island.
I for these places is based on the direction of the course so that you can arrange the schedule per day
Around Kuta
Kuta beach
The beach is very well known until the song by Andre Hehanusa and Ebiet G Ade. Not complete it if you come to Bali but did not visit this beach. Why do I suggest to make Poppies Lane II as “Base Camp” in addition to just 8 km from the airport, the area is very close to Kuta Beach is about 200 m (just 5 minute walk), so if you stay here you are just under bathing suits and towels from the hotel continues to swim to shore.
For those of you want to surf or just want to learn this is the place. Caucasians, Caucasians from Europe just behind Stand dapang to Kuta beach for surfing.
For those of you who are engaged or dating this place is a very romantic place for a “binding promise” as the sun slowly set … oh .. so romantic ..!
Sometimes even though we visited elsewhere, at 4 pm behind Stand up quickly back to Kuta to be able to see the sunset.
Bali Water Boom
Water boom excellent I think in Indonesia, Ancol Water boom in less high, clean, beautiful, and safe. Here there is a place to swim, sunbathe, slide (water sliding), or challenging the guts in the slide as high as 30 m. Plus can stare at ABG bule and local wear sexy bikini .. rarely khan .. in Jakarta. The place is located at Jalan Kartika Plaza about 2 km from Legian 10 minutes of Poppies.
Along the street is filled with shops selling souvenirs and scattered cafes & restaurants provide a festive atmosphere in the evenings. Presumably less complete if you do not berphoto ria in the first Bali bombing monument on this road.
Poppies Lane
Poppies Lane 2 way split, Poppies Lane I & II, the road linking Jalan Pantai Kuta and Legian are one-way. At 2 this road can be found a lot of accommodation bungalow / inn cheap and affordable for the budget traveler. Also shops selling clothes and souvenirs Bali.
Kuta Square – Kartika Plaza
Kuta Square is a shopping center of imported goods such as Quick Silver, Billabong, Okley, etc. The survey Girl. Continue towards the airport on either side of Jalan Kartika Plaza there are a lot of restorant and luxurious hotel is the famous Kuta Centro and Musro
Towards the Northwest
Just 3 km from Legian to the northwest. For those of you who like clubbing in the region in line with the sun sinking so many odd places and cafe that offers beautiful nightlife.
Tanah Lot
From Legian-Seminyak-Kerobokan- continue to the north. Place so icon Bali where there is a temple built on the rock in the middle of the sea. Language of Bali Tanah Lot means Land protruding from the water.
Taman Ayun
Pura Taman Ayun temple in Mengwi is located is a former royal palace complex Mengwi hundreds of years old.
Towards the Southwestern and South
Jimbaran beach
Of Kuta Jalan Raya Tuban take toward the airport, airport-junction turn left and then met Alteri Ngurah Ray fork in the road, take a right continues to meet the first T-junction turn right into Jalan Uluwatu. The beach is actually continuation of Kuta Beach to the south separated by Ngurah Ray. This beach is less crowded than Kuta beach, and you can spend the afternoon here while watching the sunset and the aircraft slowly landing at the Airport Ngurah Ray. To anyone fond of seafood can be found here diberapa restorant along this coast. Very well known is the Chicken / Fish Bakar Jimbaran. In one of these restorant where the Bali bombing occurred.
Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park
Vishnu statue at GWK
Dreamland Beach
About 3 km from GWK you continue to the south. Dreamland beach or New Kuta Beach is located in the Pecatu Indah Resort being in development. From Jalan Raya Uluwatu you continue into the area about 4 km will get to Dreamland Beach. Vehicles can be parked in the parking place about 200 m from the beach and you continue to walk down a fairly steep cliff. Perhaps in the coming years will be made one way direct access to the beach. This beachfront bungalows are simple and a more exotic beach and hidden with white sand and good waves for surfing. Usually Caucasians, Caucasians in bolder here with a more open bikini. So for those who just late puberty can spend a day here.
Ulu Watu
A temple in the southern tip of Bali which is built on a rock overlooking the ocean Indonesia. Many monkeys tame “berdomisi” in this temple. Carefully sunglasses, a hat, a veil which usually become ‘target’ the naughty monkey. Surprisingly the monkey will refund your stuff after you give a kind of “ransom” to the caretaker of the temple sum of money (US $ 1000-5000) and then the caretaker gave ransom a banana dimanterai, indeed potent charms or no konsfirasi between the monkey and the empuh, voluntarily monkey will return your goods.
Nusa Dua
Regions luxury hotels is not much we can do here unless you stay at the hotel. Usually, each hotel has its own private beach.
Tanjung Benoa (Water Sport)
Parasailing at Tg. Benoa
Not far from Nusa Dua, you can try the guts to air-water sports such as parasailing, banana boats, Jetsky, snorkeling, and diving.Lest in my pounding is no reference in rental rates of the game above:
Parasailing: Rp 75,000 10 minutes / person / ride (for some person / group you can ask for a discount)Jet Sky: Rp 150 thousand (30 minutes / ride)Banana Boat: USD 100 thousand (15 minutes / ride / person)Snorkling: Rp 75 thousand / person / 2 hours in Tanjung BenoaFlying Fish: Rp 120 thousand / 15 min / 3Diving Rp 300,000 / person / 2 hours (can be higher rates depend on the location in Tanjung Benoa, or in the island of Nusa Lembongan near Nusa Penida)
Sanur Beach
If you want to watch the sunrise this is the right place. If the Kuta beach facing west, Sanur Beach facing East. Many hotels and luxury bungalows here, most tourists are parents who reminisce, I think is not suitable for young children.
Towards the Northeast
Silver and Gold craft center, usually prior to Ubud, tourists stopped into Celuk
Unidirectional to Ubud, Bali handicraft center. If you are want to buy souvenirs in bulk for resale can be bought at this place.
About 60 km to the north of Kuta where there can find tranquility and rural nuasa real Bali. There can visit the Museum Antonio Blanco here and many other artists.
Siring & Tirta EmpulPura Tirta Empul, showers healer of all diseases
Pura Tirta Empul at Tampaksiring
Kintamani, Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and Truyan
From Tampaksiring continue heading north toward Singaraja you will pass through Kintamani a plateau with a beautiful view of Mount Batur is still active on the left and Lake Batur on the right. If you are an energetic and adventurous spirit tracking can climb to the crater of Mount Batur witnessed how many are still active. You can go down to see the flow of lava that has cooled from a volcanic eruption about 50 years ago, then you can feel the cold water of Lake Batur. When you enough time can cross the lake to a place called Truyan. The village is like in Toraja where the bodies of the dead were not buried but just put on the ground. I’ve never been there, but on the other occasion certainly be the first of my agenda to visit Truyan.
Together with the Ulu Watu, here too many old brother alias tame monkeys. Sangeh advised to come to the morning because quite a lot of tourists, that afternoon a bit “spooky” because of its forests already getting dark and delicious gk so the spectacle of monkeys 🙂
Lake Bratan and Ulun Danu
Do not let no pictures taken in front and Lake Ulun Danu Bratan, because the temple and the lake is depicted in Rupiah denomination of 50 thousand. You can boating and parasailing at this lake.
Bedugul Botanical Garden
A botanical garden, though not covering the Bogor botanical garden, but you can spend your time and breathe fresh air here. You can also try adventure “out bound” here.
Singaraja-Lovina Beach
Located on the north coast of Bali. You can visit the Royal Palace relics Buleleng and see the dolphins at Lovina Beach.

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