Free Editing Class online

Free Editing Class online

10/11/2022 Free Video Editing Class Online 0
Free Video Editing Class (Group) Online

Mas YossiStudio EO (fb)

Become an Editor is not my Choice, but in this field, I feel enjoy, sad, happines, also crying and so on, and so on. 

This picture said about the group I moderated, Called Learn Video Photo Editing for Free. As the same in that picture… I hope this name wont change in the future, couse this picture .. :D.

Why English, because in the practical editing in the software, we must understand English.

I am sorry for the word, I didn’t use translator to write this. but I hope will be better in the future cause practise English, everyday – everytim. 

If you wanna Join FB Grup Video Photo Editing Class on line. Feel Free to Join with us FB GROUP VIDEO EDITING HERE

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