How to auction domain at GoDaddy

How to auction domain at GoDaddy

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How to auction domain at GoDaddy actually quite easy, just needed a GoDaddy account and then pay membership GoDaddy auction for $ 5 a year. After registering membership auction, we can directly melisting domain will we sell.
How to listing domain at GoDaddy there are three kinds:
1. The auction system or bid 7 days. In this way the domain will go to auction GoDaddy for 7 days. Can also use the reserve price. Namely the minimum prices of the seller for a domain, if there is a bid (bid) is still below the reserve price, the domain is not so sold and entered into seller GoDaddy account back.
2. The auction system (auction) 90 days. Almost the same as the first system, only a longer time.
3. System Buy Now, tau purchasing system now. With this system GoDaddy domain will enter the market for 90 days. Ditentukanpun prices only at the beginning we sell, so there is no mutual bargaining between a buyer and other buyer. When a buyer “Buy Now” then the domain is automatically sold to the buyer.
Steps melisting domain at GoDaddy:
After registering membership GoDaddy auction, go to the auction.
Choose a domain list. Then enter your domain will auction or sell. There is the choice of the system to be used. Broadly speaking are three systems mentioned above I have described.
For the first time listing will be redirected to the making of the payment profile, there we were told to enter a “nick name” for the profile. Just fill in the appropriate name of your paypal.
After that we can submit.
Wait for a confirmation email from GoDaddy that we have been auctioning / selling of a domain. If within 10 minutes did not come out the confirmation email, usually listingnya failed. It was likely caused when we fill out a form listing it turns out we’ve been in a position to logout of membership account auction, although not logout from GoDaddy account. Could be in because because we were poor internet access or us too long to log on auction account, so that the system automatically logout.
If it is successful listing we can see in the page sell domain list.
Some frequently asked questions about how the auction domain at GoDaddy:
+ Is there a fee for domain auction?
– No fee is required for domain auctions, simply by registering membership at GoDaddy auction.
+ How can we sell the domain is in position on the market GoDaddy?
– We can pay extra for the cost of domain feature. Can feature only in one category or the front yard. (Details of the additional costs, can look directly at GoDaddy).
+ Do we could sell the domain to the content?
– We could sell a website so, the entire contents of the content. Add just at the time of going listing information domain.
+ How long the payment of GoDaddy domain if I sold?
– Payment of a domain at GoDaddy auctions usually between 8-30 days.
+ How can the next process after knowing that the domain was sold?
– Domain sold will receive a confirmation via email “Your domain has sold”. After receiving the confirmation, wait GoDaddy verify the funds from the buyer. After that will come a second email that gives it the right to push GoDaddy domain you belong to the buyer. In some cases, sometimes different, sometimes sellers dapet first payment dipush new domain, the domain is also sometimes used to push new dapet paid.
+ What do I need to manually push domains sold?
– Do not dipush manual domains sold. Let stand until the GoDaddy domain to push you to the buyer automatically.
+ Domain dilisting I could not because the previous owner had melistingnya?
– Immediately contact GoDaddy through aaccount auction. Typically less than 2 days the problem has been completed.
+ What is the fee of domains sold at auction GoDaddy?
– Fee for GoDaddy is 10% with a minimum of $ 5.
I think it’s the basics of how domain at GoDaddy auction listing, if anyone wants to ask or discuss about GoDaddy, please add my YM is in the sidebar of this blog. Or can direct comments here.
Hopefully my post this time that will help you sell the domain. <span title=”Pada posting selanjutnya akan saya jelaskan cara menentukan harga sebuah domain yang akan dilelang dan parameter-parameter dalam menilai sebuah domain.

“>In the next post I will explain how to determine the price of a domain that will be auctioned and parameters in assessing a domain.

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