How to Shoot Video and Edit It Easily

How to Shoot Video and Edit It Easily

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Digital video camera is not a motorcycle spare parts can be forged easily. Digital video camera is a high-precision products and if there is damage not necessarily be detected and so it is difficult to repair.  
Pocket video cameras (camcorders) and smartphone at this time are increasingly sophisticated. 5 years ago can be likened to the camcorder capabilities are now better than professional video cameras best products made in 1997. Now as necessary to capture an event / moment is important is easy, because there is a pocket video camera and smartphone that is extremely practical, lightweight and easy to operate.
To capture an event/critical moment can through photo camera equipment and portable video cameras or car dashboard cameras. Capture the video through the
camera more memorable because the documentation is audio-visually more interesting. 
Here we will discuss a little to produce good video in a way – a simple way. Recording using a video camera is often a mistake – a mistake in uptake as too much light enters, trembling hands and so forth. Actually, it can be overcome by learning a few tricks using a video camera when they were taken.
Before using pocket video cameras or camcorders often called we should check the camera beforehand:
Small red button is used to
start recording a video.
Used to stay away so as to facilitate bonding framing we take videos from a distance.
Make sure batterainya fully charged condition, especially if it will be a long journey. Bring also some spare batteries to make sure not to miss the moment due to lack of battery.
backlight mode
These panels are rarely used because the light is too much. So that makes the black and white video as a result of too much light. Should not be used.
Shoot a picture via viewfender results are more precise, there is little difficulty because the screen is only as big as a thumb.
Mini Dv

Provide some extra mini DV tapes.
Make sure everything could be well used. Once everything is OK to switch to a technique – technique of taking video. Actually, while taking the necessary calmness video, motion of an object must be the same (continuity) and do not be afraid to express themselves at the moment when taking video because they do not necessarily come twice. Here are the techniques – techniques:
Deflecting the camera right or left. This technique is always used to record the incidence of right-left or vice versa. To give the impression that the place or atmosphere that we take living / vivid impression. Usually used to capture a place, such as buildings, space and scenery.
Directing up or down. Techniques such as these create an impression of very high or very low. Like, when someone wants to jump off a rock into the pool can shoot from the pond went up slowly – slowly so that the impression of the place was so high.
Do not overuse zooming because the quality of the video image produced will saturate (usually often used by beginners). Zooming well used to confirm an incident. Like, when people cry. By using zooming slowly – slowly (slow motion) it will produce a dramatic impression.
camera Angle
Note the angle – the angle of the video. Take angle – the angle that you think are interesting. do not forget to give room, when someone noticed mengeshoot frame, give a little space above the head about – about one fist. Composition and Picture Framing, Framing the image (picture framing) is the way in which a scene, people, or objects are placed in one picture in the camera lens. The audience generally familiar with certain conventions, it is important to realize the impact of different produced by a different picture. If we record a close-up of a person’s face, we will invite the audience to retrace the flow of thoughts, emotions, and the other person has said. When we filmed the same person but with a relatively farther distance, the audience will know the context of that person.
manual Cutting
Make a last trick, watch video cutting or cutting. To minimize the unused video using cutting techniques. Using this technique only needs to instinct, when to dismiss the videotape. So when editing video footage was not much wasted.
To support the video make it more interesting results needed some extras like Tripot, additional lights, and some light reflectors like stereofoam. But if traveling far not possible to bring the tool as much as it would require proper consideration to at the time of the trip is not complicated. Heavy equipment such as the big lights, light reflectors and other tools normally used for the purposes of making a movie, and so on. The following video camera supporting equipment in order to reap satisfactory results:
Tripot Small size, easy retrieval of angel in different locations, to overcome shaky hands that produce sobriety image and its small size makes it easy to carry around – everywhere.
Floodlight, can be a flashlight large size used when less light or dark. On discovering a fascinating place but only when it is dark it takes the body as a means of illumination. If for lighting during the day, as in photography, you should avoid shooting directly challenged the light source. Filming like this makes the object of focus becomes dark, and which appears only in silhouette only. Generally this is not desirable, but if you want to take a silhouette.
Never forget when a manual feed without a tripod using a handycam holding onto your wrist with the other hand. Remember do not forget the extra supplies when traveling away whereas for video recording satisfactory results need to be prepared additional equipment. Before starting the video recording is looking for references related to transportation, accommodation as well as the characteristics of the terrain to be addressed. It became the capital for us to determine the outdoors brought equipment. Good luck trick – the trick may be useful and handy when adventure or just want to make a personal documentary “always at work and do not be afraid mengabadiakan interesting or unique events around us”.
According to Graeme Turner: The film does not reflect reality or even record; like any other medium of representation it contructs and ‘represent’ it pictures of reality by way of codes, conventions, myth, and ideologies of its culture as well as by way of the specific signifying practices of the medium (the film does not reflect or even record reality; as another medium of representation, it constructs and ‘bring back’ depiction of reality through the codes, conventions, myths and ideologies of the culture as well as how to practice special significance of the medium).

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