Invalid block address while burning disc with nero

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Invalid block address while burning disc with nero

06/04/2021 Invalid block address 0

Invalid block address while burning disc with nero

Invalid block address while burning disc with nero

Even me too faced the same problem, but now it is fixed.

I have goggled for at least an hour and end up with no solution. Some where it was mentioned that this may be because of the another writer which might be connected via USB.

It was also mentioned that is because of Nero. But actually there is no issues with the Nero. When I checked in the BIOS, there was an extra USB DVD burner. When I removed my USB modem, it was disappeared. Now the problem is solved, there is no issues in burning. You can also solve this problem by removing the driver of that unidentified DVD writer. Below the screen shot of the error which I got.

I had the exact same problem. This solution worked in a different way.

In the hardware devices, there was a virtual drive which was causing the problem. I disabled the virtual drive and burning works!!!

Thanks a lot. 🙂

Hello, i too had a block invalid address issue. This may be of some help to you and others because
it has worked for me. I had a samsung burner which
has given me tons of good burns. The problem is really not with nero in my opinion, but the dvd drive itself. It simply gave up the ghost. I replaced the dvd cd/dvd drive and all issues stopped. This had happened twice where i had to replace the drive but after hundreds of good burns i cannot complain. I got my monies worth. Something you might consider. It may also be due in part, that the burners optic eye is dirty but not worth it to me to clean since burners are so inexpensive. Hope this helps somebody.


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