Kalera Meaning in English – Minangnese – Padangnese

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Kalera Meaning in English – Minangnese – Padangnese

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Arti Kalera - Istana Pagaruyung Minang

Kalera Meaning in English

Meaning of Kalera in Minang Language

Have you ever heard words or words that call Kalera?

According to the Lambene Japon blog:

Kalera is a word that he hears almost every day from his friends from West Sumatra. Ondeh mak!

Because it is often heard so that the words kalera become popular in markets with Minang (Padang) people.

Do not be surprised if at the night market there are agreed Javanese people or Malays when they are angry then swear and then say ‘kalera’ (so carried away) Minang people?

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The word kalera sounds very familiar, if if it were to be used as a band name or the name of an artist might become famous quickly? Ha ha …: D

For example, used as a person’s last name or surname for example, Romi kalera, Ajo kalera or also Bambang kalera, sounds cool, maybe ….?

Not only the name of the person for the name of the shop sounds cool, for example Kalera Clothing or Kalera fashion, or for restaurants is also cool like Kalerafood. But There Are indeed Products and Websites called Kalera.

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Sounds very cool and familiar maybe even can bring hockey … maybe Hehehe …

So what exactly does kalera mean?

According to the story of a Padang friend (Minang), kalera is a form of resentment towards someone who if translated into Indonesian is a bastard.

And according to the slang dictionary, Kalera is derived from the words cholera (the name of the disease).
Ouch …! So does that mean anyway?

Maybe if translated into Javanese, the word kalera is the same meaning as DJiancok. If the Sundanese base is about Blegug siah? Leres anyway? Well?

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Whatever that means, the word kalera has become a daily curse in the market community of traders from West Sumatra and he has been infected using it like the people of Padang, even though the real meaning is very obscene to throw at.

Do not occasionally try in front of the audience friends?


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