Kodak and Film Cameras

Kodak and Film Cameras

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Kodak and Film Cameras

Photographers born in the 90s must have known a camera that uses a film roll in it which can then be printed into a photo.

Actually, the development of this film camera has begun a century before, namely since 1885 by George Eastman who began the production of camera films, which later developed again into celluloid in 1888-1889.

 Kodak Camera 1910 – Images from Wikipedia

The camera he named Kodak, which later began to be introduced to the wider community since 1888. Even more sophisticated than before, it only consisted of one focus lens and one shutter speed.

Until finally at the end of the 19th century Eastman had succeeded in making various models of film cameras, including box-shaped cameras and folding cameras.

Although this Kodak camera managed to make photography not too expensive for many, plate cameras are still widely used at that time because of its better quality.

To compete with roll cameras, this era plate camera is equipped with magazines to hold multiple plates at once.

5. Compact cameras and Canon

The history of the camera continued with the presence of a compact camera which was examined by Oskar Barnack at Leitz. Barnack uses 35 mm film to make a camera that can produce magnification of images with very good quality.

Finally, in 1913 a prototype of Ur-Leica was formed, a 35 mm camera which was later delayed due to the first world war.

After experiencing a number of features, the Ur-Leica camera went on sale widely in 1923. Since then, consumers of camera users have been very satisfied and welcomed the innovation of this one camera.

This is where the company emerges

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