New Place Destination to Visit in Padang

New Place Destination to Visit in Padang

20/11/2022 New Destination 0

Pulau Emas, New Place/Destination to Visit in Padang

Pulau Emas atau Golden Island is a name of a resort beach beach inn named “Suwarnadwipa Beach & Resort”. located in the southern coastal city of Padang parts of the West Coast of Sumatra. a new destination in West Sumatra, here you will feel different sensations that your holiday will certainly feel fantastic.
View-gold-Swarnadwipa Island beach and resort – meadowGold island is a destination vaforit this time, because it is located in a strategic location; has a very calm waters with very clear water, its position opposite the island Sironjong also very close to the beautiful islands are very popular as Sikuai, Pagang Island, Pamutusan, and Pasumpahan.
 paket tour - pulau emas-swarnadwipa-padang
Gold island has accommodation facilities are comfortable with the concept of natural coolness, back to nature, and simplicity ,.Cafe – gold-Swarnadwipa Island – padangPulau Gold – Swarnadwipa Beach and Resort – Homestay – PadangPenginapan Island gold – desert

Cafe - Pulau emas-swarnadwipa - padangPulau Emas - Swarnadwipa Beach and Resort - Homestay - PadangPenginapan di Pulau emas - padang

Coral reefs in the Golden Island is still relatively good, this place will be made coral reef transplantation sites and the protection of flora and fauna of the seabed. At the moment we can find snorkeling starfish, various ornamental fish one nemonya anemone fish, clear the snorkel enthusiasts can definitely be spoiled at this place.

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