Solutions to financial problems and planning a better life

Solutions to financial problems and planning a better life

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Everyone want to success, happiness and wealth. More abundant money or financial freedom, luxury vehicles, and lux, magnificent dream home, passive income / money flowing even if we do not work, a such as angel wife, every day and the time to prepare yourself.
Unfortunately all it is not easy to achieve. Although the details are not the same desire of every person, but in general the things that you want, whether all, some or one of them. There is a proverb says.
“Someone who gets something, he does not get it unless he thought and tried hard to get it until he got it. Rarely happens that someone does not get a thing never dreamed.”

So, then everyone try and nail bermati seek and achieve dreams of success and happiness. Trending the way he passes. By opening different types of business, the ups and downs and falling again, following the get rich quick system and others. But the result is often nil. Where’s the harm?
Is not one of trying to achieve success with the business, it’s remarkable return, but sometimes due to lack of maturation of the planning, wrong and wrong in taking steps in financial management. So how strategy that does not fail and go bankrupt. Work in the real sector, have passive income, invest in insurance.
Work in the Real Sector, Prepare Passive Income
Choose a job tremendous income potential of the business, or gain a little in quantity, continuously with minimal capital. In this world it is impossible to get something with absolutely no capital or free. However, with careful planning, strategy and trick, the mistakes that can be avoided should be avoided.
In fact 97% of businesses were closed, went bankrupt and out of business. means not achieved the dream. Do not you achieved the dream is certain debts piled up and the resulting conflicts create stress. Take a look around, how many stores and shop last up to 5 years, let alone the betahan up to 10 years.
Tradition debt, Debt Putting
Indebted to tradition. The borrower is a bad habit that became tradition. This had to be done because of poor financial management. Owe not always good. If there is no business sense owes a source of new calamity that makes life uneasy prolonged. Instead of profit even stump due to debt.
Frugality and Saving
To avoid the customs debt is to scrimp and save while capable of working and earning. Just because again a lot of money, Think how much misery when we really need the money, but we do not have money. Prepare passive income and invest in insurance.
Force and discipline yourself to save money, save on shopping. Spend according to need and not willingness. Often when shopping without planning and budget tightening, unnoticed leak. Next thing I know money runs out. Try to collect and add up the total shopping bill shopping month. You will be surprised. Too much money yes, but OUT.
Prepare Investment and Insurance
Invest in a safe investment platform, although slightly but definitely, do not be tempted by investment bulging. To be disciplined saving and investing should take out insurance-related investments (unit-linked). By investing at the same time we can be a lot of insurance benefits at once. We will also be disciplined in saving money, and not easy to take our heart’s content as the fate of the savings are usually so avoid to “leak” an.
So his strategy. Prepare and separate emergency fund for certain serious conditions, then the daily needs of their own savings, and various other platforms such investments, precious metals, property, and no less important, INSURANCE.
Insurance is important brother. because she was when we got the unfortunate illness, accident and we need large amounts of funds, despite being rich, many vehicles have a big house, suddenly went bankrupt. Passive income is not there, then when no longer able to work automatically no income that continues to flow even if it does not work. This may have happened to every person, and it is impossible to avoid the calamity or disaster, but it is prepared if the condition is really upon us. Proverb said willing umbrella before it rains.
Fact many people who are wealthy and successful, suddenly poor due to bankruptcy, because of illness, although not yet died. Imagine when no longer able to work because of sickness, or death is sudden arrival of unexpected, while we do not have a backup and preparation for what is left. This can be mitigated by insurance. Yet if the rich do not have insurance. Many wealthy because of the fact of insurance.
Try fikir which one is better, an off guard who were not ready for the sudden attack or people who were getting the fist, the horses and the “shield” is also equally attacked. Ill probably equally ill when they actually get hit. Of course the difference between those who are prepared to unsuspecting people. So also in life we ​​need to “shield” or umbrella just in case so that when all possible undesirable or that it is definitely upon us, we have a back up. Eg finance, when we got accident or no longer able to work because of age or frail elderly. Katalah accident – entered the hospital, need abiaya large, with suransi wholly or in part, the need for the cost of medical treatment / surgery covered, a little short we may not bother to look for it. Compare that just saving money in the bank. Saving money on insurance savings and assets to make the rest of us safe. Imagine if we did not have insurance, investment, retirement and children’s education fund.
Dreams and ideals we want to live rich, and happy to be aground. moreover there is no savings, investments, or passive income that continues to flow when we are no longer working mempu. Given we already have insurance protection, and anticipation to make our dream retirement life rich and happy, our children’s education and marriage until they could deliver prepared independently and not entirely the responsibility of us again. Life and dreams we still achieved.
Often complain there is no money. Actual, money could be prepared tu / set aside. The proof cigarettes and snacks and food that often endanger themselves and bought health, even up to the stage redundant. Try a pack of cigarettes, every day we prepared the funding for education, marriage, health, children, retirees, our dreams in retirement. So the problem is not the presence or absence of money, but whether or not we care for the future of our own lives. Even when there is no money when we realize the importance of insurance we will try to seek bailouts while we look for a replacement. That we are acutely aware of the importance of our future. So ye of now, it would not hurt us Prepare insurance and finance our future. At least the discipline of saving.
Keep learning strategies increase
Let the continued increase knowledge, skills, and strategies. In order to improve the standard of living and our happiness. Most do not adjust attitude and actions according to changing circumstances and dynamis.
Multiply share
With a lot of sharing we will find rest and contentment. and God will make it easy our way. Our business run smoothly and achieve success. Finance and financial management is very necessary accentuated. Separate with udaha personal finance, capital with profit. There is a rich man in the western world that never was happy with all existing wealth. Tia when handing out his property and leaving only about 10%. new he felt relieved and airy.
Should not share the treasure, with what thoughts, advice, and a happy smile are enough who saw it.

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