Trouble and Bug in Sony MC 2500

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Trouble and Bug in Sony MC 2500

05/05/2016 Camcorder Review 0

Trouble and Bug in Sony MC 2500 

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When I the first rime use RCA wire, from Camcorder Sony MC 2500 in the Seminar. O my God, the plug out there isnot RCA. 

1. There is HDMI, and 
2. I don’t know what, but you must know first and prepare

As long as work in this field, this is the new thing you must know that I late to know. 

That problem/bug suprising me, and do not prapare before. No time for buying HDMI wire in the holiday, the wire I brought and usually use is  RCA, and at the camcorder is HDMI & I do not know.

Trouble and Bug in Sony HXR MC2500

Sony is a high end produced Camcorder, the very sensitife and must taking carefully.

  1. Sony
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