Amed Bali, Information about tourist attraction in Bali

Amed Bali, Information about tourist attraction in Bali

03/12/2022 Amed Bali 0
The following information about tourist attractions in Bali :: Amed, Karangasem.
Attractions Amed has a beautiful beach at sunrise his underwater life also offers a great place to practice diving or diving. There is a lake in the seaside flat and well suited for exercise, as well as the rock of the location can be reached by swimming for 5 minutes. Here, great for snorkeling and diving, the area is growing because of the beauty of the sea. Access to the location of the airport about 180 trips a car heading to the eastern part of the island.
Amed is located on the coast of the east end of the island, precisely in the village of Amed, Abang, Karangasem, Bali. Many important tourism facilities such as restaurants, hotels and bungalows in the region. Community life here in general is a fisherman. Rural atmosphere so thick, the tradition of the original still has not affected foreign culture, hospitality is still strong, beautiful sunrise / sunrise morning, while enjoying breakfast, is the most special treat, will add an exotic atmosphere during the holidays. If from Denpasar, towards the border into the village kidnapped, precisely Brine village area, diperjalanan can see rice fields at the foot of the mountain with a curve of the beautiful valley

 English: Amed Beach :: English version
Brine Rice Terrace View: The journey to Amed. If traveling from the airport about 5 km before the main goal, to the left of the road, with a turn that decreases are hampara rice field terraces, such as terracing which are in Ceking Tegalalang, with in the background the background of steep hills with trees of tropical, natural scenery is more spectacular, could stop at every turn to get the right position of the camera shots, and bike the last corner there is a food and drink stalls that provide an overview of this beautiful nature.
With black sand beaches, the water situation looks very clear, presents the beauty of the diverse marine life, coral reefs are maintained continuity, the warm water is a constant invariable, the snorkeling and diving are highly in demand by the activities of domestic and foreign tourists. If you continue to walk down the beach a tourist attraction Amed you will meet laiinya diving locations that Jemeluk village and found small pieces and colorful coral gardens of the most beautiful you will ever see. For a choice of accommodation, we recommend a bungalow, offering low prices, situated at the foot of the hill, has facilities such as a hotel equipped with swimming pool, free wi-fi, Ac and with hot water, called “Acharya Bungalows’ offer price of Rp 250,000-300,000 ,
If you live in an area of ​​southern Bali such as Tanjung Benoa, Kuta and Jimbaran to come to Amed a good idea to rent a car in Bali + driver, due to travel quite a distance approximately 3 hours without stopping, so that you can be more relaxed to enjoy this trip, during the trip and if you want, crosses also a number of attractions such as Goa Lawah, Candidasa, white sand beaches and water parks Tirtagangg Prasi, you can optimize your visit those places, like a traveling tour.

 PhPhoto :: Amed. For lovers of the underwater world and love snorkeling or diving, Amed is not a new place again, but the place is always mnggoda to be explored with a variety of marine life the beauty of both the coral and the fish that live in it. For those of you who have never been here (domestic tourists seem indeed quite rare), this is a unique experience. The streets along the black sand beaches with various models of coral on the beach, with crystal clear sea water, suitable for swimming apalai diving, beauty sun ternit are several things that make this region must be visited.

The beauty of Amed now had to be excellent for tourists, especially foreign tourists coming to Bali, tourists come from European benoa such as from Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and other countries, have hobbyist and love to see the underwater thrill and peace of the place for a vacation. However, further spread of information about the place, the local residents of Bali travelers and also domestic from foreign countries, have also begun to recognize this East Bali region, let alone the means of supporting tourism is getting a complete course.
East Bali Amed especially now, thrive in its tourism industry, rural atmosphere, treats sunrise, quieter beaches, as well as the beauty beneath the lautnnya always tempting to make the travelers to come back again on my next visit. A number of supporting facilities can be obtained easily as hotel, restaurant, marine tourism such as diving, snorkeling and fishing, even for the purpose of fast boat – fast boat to Gili Trawangan boat that previously was only available at Sanur and Padangbai.
Want voucher watersport at cheap and affordable prices, we provide a complete on this web page, as well as a variety of tickets for sports such as for attractions rafting or rafting on the Telaga Waja River and Ayung, there are also vouchers cruise to Bali Hai and Quicksilver, Odyssey Submarine, We also provide tour packages ranging from half day, full day to package several days such as 3, 4, 5 and 6 days tour many activities we provide, so tourists have many options in determining the holiday events. Or other alternatives could rent a car + driver + fuel decide that these places would have been able to also self drive if you already know the route / road to the tourist attraction.

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