How To Solve Audio Sound in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Not Shown

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How To Solve Audio Sound in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Not Shown

02/05/2022 General 1
Audio or Sound didn’t shown in Timeline Adobe Premier Pro Cs CC, How to Solve
Audio or Sound didnot Shown in Timeline Editing Adobe Premier Pro Cs CC,
A lot of Cause
  1. Unsupported Format
  2. Damage Source File
  3. Different kind converter for the same file
Minda Art Video Production try to Share when Audio or Sound didnot Shown in Timeline. Whe I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Cs to edit Wedding Video which use Windows 7.1 pro 64bit. as Operating System When we found this case, we try to:
  1. Change setting Preference Audio
  2. Convert Audio/file in supported format

The author had time to install adobe premier pro cc 2015 on a laptop toshiba satellite L735 with windows 8.1 pro 64bit operating system, and drivers are working well, when importing the video turned out not sound out, curious and the author re-tried to install adobe premier pro cs5 and the result was the same voice still not out.

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The sound driver on the laptop is not compatible with the premiere adobe program, a solution that can be done for friends who want to solve the premier adobe that does not get out the voice can be by doing the testing first, be it in adobe premier pro cc 2015 or in adobe premier pro cs 5.

Experiment Test :
Step buddy please create a new project then click file then select new and select again “new bars and tone”, try double click and run whether sound out. if the driver on the laptop is working properly usually tone sound will remain out but when import video sound does not come out it means the adobe premier can not interact with the drivers already installed in the operating system, the solution can add or install “ASIO4ALL”, can be downloaded from here:

Once asio4all is installed the next step is to make the settings in the adobe premier: click edit then the spinning preferences, then select audio hardware in the preferences window right on the default devices choose ASIO4ALL option like the print screen below.

adobepremier pro cc 2015 tidak ada suara

Well from the above test for laptop toshiba satelite l735 windows 8.1 pro 64 bit operating system the above way still can not run, but for other devices authors apply can run (aka premier adobe voice out), using a laptop just like writers do not need to worry friends can donwload driver “Conexant Smartaudio HD” from its website toshiba.

asio4all driver adobe premier
Conexant SmartAudio HD Driver audio stalllite L735 untuk adobe premier

That’s a brief conclusion and solution that writers can share with friends of this blog’s visitors, who need information on solutions or how to cope with adobe premier pro cc 2015 and premier pro cs 5 adobe not out of sound.

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