Best Computer for Photo & Video Editing

Best Computer for Photo & Video Editing

12/12/2022 Computer Video Editing 0

Best Computer for Photo & Video Editing

For the videographer, sometimes complain, considering the work computer that you use to postproduction not as fast as they usually did well dihsailkan image quality is not maximized. Here are tips for you videographer before buying a computer capable of editing. There are five things that need to be answered before you buy a computer assembled as video editing, among other questions:

    Wear your PC or Mac
    Note Spek [specification] computer
    How do you move the video into the computer
    Memlih Editing Software
    Dividing Video [distribute]

1. Choosing a PC or Mac
The debate about choosing a PC or Mac is still a major concern, especially in Indonesia, which since the beginning of the computer goes we know most are PC rather than a Mac. Only after the 2003’s era Mac widely known by the common people, or lest you have to pursue the world of videography like video filming did not recognize what it was Mac.

During this experience should begin now to pursue videography use a Mac, a new Mac experience shows that the way video and graphic file read was true [real-time]. There are many options Mac ranging from 21 “to 24” with a price range between 13 million – 20 million. Spek therein use at least a Pentium 4 with core i5 or i7 minimum RAM 4G RAM 16G to harddiks minial 1 or 2 Terra Terra and minimal 1G Graphics Card.

2. Note Specs
Already mentioned in point 1 of the little spec computers. The next one there are five factors that are important hardware for your attention when assembling computers for video editing. 5 factors, among others: the CPU power, RAM memory, hard drive / hard disk, graphics card and monitor.

Power CPU is the brain power of the computer itself, use Pentium generation i5 / i7 as a processor. This is because the development of software technology that is developing well followed by the development of increasingly sophisticated video technology as well. Specs For 4G RAM is minimal because the actual process of editing video it requires extra work for the computer. Hard disks also becomes the main thing, you have a hard disk of at least 1 T and 1 T again external hard disk. The graphics card (graphics card) is important because it will help the process of editing video rendering when implemented, minimal graphics cards also support 3D and has a feature HD [High Definition] with a speed of 1 G minimal memory. The latter is the monitor, it is suggested should also be a large monitor at least 21 “in addition to that you also need to have a monitor review.

3. The process of moving data [capture]
Usually required for the card [card] when will move data / video data to a computer mentrasnfer most minimal is fire wire although many brands are issued as Pinecle, Avid, EDIUS etc. The point transfer of video data to a computer diusahakn real time for maximum results.

Technology now makes it easy for videographer in transferring the video data to a computer, it is because it now has a lot of camcorders / cameras that already have HD spec with the form of digital data.

4. Choose editing software
Soft ware at the moment the most important thing you will do video editing, mastering soft ware is a major factor when you want good quality video. Divided into 2 in the selection editing soft ware that is a beginner class [beginner] and the professional class. For a beginner class choice may be this: Adobe’s Premiere Elements ($ 100), Nero’s Multimedia Suite ($ 130), Cyberlink’s PowerDirector ($ 70- $ 100) Sony’s Vegas Studio ($ 95), Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 Introductory Editing Software ($ 80), MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus ($ 100) or Pinnacle system’s Studio Collection ($ 130) or soft ware inherited from OS [Operation system].
As for the professional class Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium ($ 1.699), Avid Media Composer ($ 2.495), Sony Vegas Pro 10 ($ 600) and Apple Final Cut X ($ 300).

6.Distribusi final results video
Video distribution determines the final result as well, as good as any editing when one of the exporting / distribute it hsailnya also not optimal. Intinyna adjust to your desired purposes. Given today all video product has many uses HD technology then also you have to adjust, the simplest is exported to DVD then you need a DVD burner. Given teknlogi HD can only be used with Blue Ray then you must complete HiDef Blu-Ray burner.

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