Plus Minus Camcorder Sony HXR-MC2500

Plus Minus Camcorder Sony HXR-MC2500

12/12/2022 Camcorder Review 0

It’s been a long time I really wanted to review the HXR-MC2500 series kamare SONY vendor output is quite riveting true for me. Why? Hehehe …. that’s what I will discuss shortly. As practitioners least a little insight will enlighten my friends who are in Audio Visual Media (video production, broadcast tv, filmmaker, etc.). Of course, I will discuss two sides of the advantages and weaknesses. Let’s start with …
First let us look at the features in advance there is any, the following features are provided by the camera.
1. 1/4 “Exmor R CMOS Sensor2. Equivalent 26.8mm Wide-Angle Lens3. Records SD in DV AVI File4. OLED Viewfinder with 1:44 Million Dots5. Flip-Up 3 “LCD with 921k dot Resolution6. Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC7. Internal 32GB Flash Memory8. Sony Multi-Interface Hot Shoe9. BNC Connector on Composite Output10. SDXC / Memory Stick Card Slot
In general, the camera Sony HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder was designed for the video maker who need stability at the time of taking the picture (image recording) with Full HD picture quality. This time the SONY brave out the type of professional-quality prosumer-class cameras (read: semi pro). In addition the camera Sony HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder has a sensor 1/4 “Exmor R CMOS, prior to the Exmor what the heck?
Exmor is the name of a Sony technology that is implemented in many CMOS image sensor (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) them. It performs on-chip analogue / digital signal conversion and two noise reduction measures in parallel to each column of a CMOS sensor. While Exmor R is a version of the back-illuminated CMOS image sensor Sony. [1] Exmor R announced by Sony on June 11, 2008 and the implementation of mass-produced the world’s first back-illuminated sensor technology [2] Sony claims that the Exmor R is about twice as sensitive. Active pixel sensor is found in some Sony phones and cameras as well as the Apple iPhone 4S and 5. [3] [4] Exmor R sensor allows the smartphone’s camera to capture high-definition movies (Full HD) and lived in the area of ​​low ligth (low light) -source: wikipedia-. So that the camera dilengkapai or assisted with LED Light which has a brightness of 800 lumens at a distance of 1,6M.
This type of camera is also already recording Full HD picture quality is different from the previous generation 1500 series Mc-HXR terobasan brave of SONY to hit the market migrated to the SD-based camcorder Full HD, the camera and has a CODEC supprort AVHD format (H.264) but it can also used to record the quality of the DV format AVI Codec, still kindly yes SONY. Let’s see the recording rate is, do not need to understand what it was PS, FX, FH and so on, the most important camera of this type has been pushing the video maker to migrate using the Full HD technology.
Recording RateHD:PS (28 Mbps) 1920 x 1080: 60pFX (24 Mbps) 1920 x 1080: 60i, 30p, 24p; 1280 x 720: 60pFH (17 Mbps) 1920 x 1080: 60i, 30p, 24p, 16: 9, 1280 x 720 / 60p, 16: 9HQ (9 Mbps) 1280 x 720: 60p
SD:DV (25 Mbps) 720 x 480: 60i
The camera also has an konektifas Wi-Fi which allows kamare can be controlled remotely by an application (app) on your smartphone or tablet, although it can not be more than 10m.
To record a live tapping (either singlecam or Multicam) has a complete connectivity features namely HDMI and BNC locking. 32GB of internal memory which can be used according to the quality image we want.
Maximum Recording TimeInternal Memory / 32 GB SDHC Card:PS (LPCM): 145 minutesFX (LPCM): 170 minutesFH (LPCM): 225 minutesHG (LPCM): minutesDV (LPCM): 140 minutes
The other thing the camera weighs 2.8 kg (body only) and 3.1 kg (lens hood, lens cap, microphone, eyecup, shoe cap, and NP-F570 battery). And let the time I discussed one by one the features provided by the camera.
26.8mm Wide Angle LensWith 12x Zoom, features 26,8mm lens equivalent to a focal wide-angle lens – usually for the videos movies look – and does not require an adapter anymore. Weaknesses: do not use the feature 12x zoom lens if the conditions are not necessary because the quality of the image recorded is less good and well experienced hard shocks.
Exmor R CMOS sensorI have discussed above in detail. Teknlogi was originally implemented in smartphone but it fits applied to a professional camcorder.
OLED Tru-Finder and 3 “LCD PanelBerteknlogi OLED view finder which has a resolution of more than 1:44 million dot, making it possible to preview / view pictures seemed more real time. I think compared to the previous series is precisely the type of view finder is much better because it does not use touch screen technology. Basically, touch screen technology on the camcorder has a weakness alias extremely vulnerable, especially if the touch screen does not work at all then dipasatikan we can not use the camera to the fullest.
Low-Light ShootingSONY HXR-MC2500 camera capable of capturing images up to 0.8 lux minimum illumination using a 1/15 second shutter speed, iris aperture f / 1.8, and the gain is 33dB. Coupled with lamu LED 800 lumens attached to the camera body directly facilitate when recording images with the conditions of a sudden.
Note: with light features attached to the body to facilitate the video maker (video journalist) to record simultaneously and significantly with good lighting equivalent to the light Day Light (56000K).
Wi-Fi Enabled with NFC ConnectivityThrough Wi-Fi allows the camera to be set via a smartphone or teblet as well as a preview of the image and sound. With NFC feature can facilitate camera operation during tapping, the feature can control include:• Record start / stop• Zoom• Iris• Touch Auto FocusShort-range communication (or Near-field communication) is a form of short-range wireless communication where the antenna used is shorter than wave carrier signal (which prevents interference waves from the same antenna).
hybrid RecordingWith a built-in internal memory of 32B facilitate speed in taking pictures, we can imagine when recording media are still using video tapes surely we are preoccupied with mamasang tapes beforehand. Here the old and the quality of images produced by the compression codecs depending brebeda:
Maximum Recording TimeInternal Memory / 32 GB SDHC Card:PS (LPCM): 145 minutesFX (LPCM): 170 minutesFH (LPCM): 225 minutesHG (LPCM): minutesDV (LPCM): 140 minutes
Multi-Interface (MI) ShoeAdditional features of the interface that allows to easily connect between interfaces in a type of Sony. Including microphone, wireless receiver and flash. Unfortunately, this feature does not follow the previous technology making it possible to not connect when trying to connect to.
DV RecordingIn the mode of SD (Standard Definition) HXR-MC2500 recording with DV Codec same as MiniDV with the AVI file format. Investments in this technology is actually just a complement for those who are still using SD technology, although in fact the technology is very rarely used even abandoned by doing professional video maker.
Assignable Lens RingMultifunctional lens ring can be set to control focus, exposure, white balance, iris, or shutter speed manually – giving you direct access without having to go through the camera menu.
time CodeThe term SMPTE timecode or user bits (UB) for multi-camera productions or to mark footge ease in post-production. SMPTE function to determine how the frame is calculated and read. For example in the default Adobe Premiere using the time code SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), where the duration of 00: 06: 51: 15 means that the video has been played for 6 minutes 5 seconds and 1.5 frames.

BNC Composite OutputThe output is a composite using BNC terminal, which is a locking connector that reduces the risk of accidentally yanking the cable out during a live broadcast
Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization with Active ModeThis feature allows us to take pictures as normal with a more stable image when the feature is activated will reduce the shocks that occur during filming.
Quick AF SystemDesigned to improve the accuracy of auto focus even in low light conditions (low-light) though.
L Series BatterySupport for Sony Professional L Series battery striped meant to last up to 14 hours of battery life. It is also possible to use other batteries separately with battery NP F970.
Well, how already tercerakan yet? If not … have to buy the camera and cracked themselves up completely, if guns are satisfied passable aja courses. I highly recommend this camera to their schools and colleges broadcast that require more practice to videography movie taste. May be useful.
By Anton Mabruri KNPractitioners broadcast television

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