9 Tips for Choosing a Good Internal Hard Drive for PC or Laptop

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9 Tips for Choosing a Good Internal Hard Drive for PC or Laptop

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Internal hard drive on a computer has been determined since you bought the computer for the first time. However, like other electronic goods, internal hard drives can experience problems someday.

If that happens, of course it will be very troublesome for us. Moreover, the function of the hard disk on the computer is very important. If you are planning to buy a new internal hard drive, you need to pay attention to the following Tips for Choosing an Internal Hard Drive.

1. Required hard disk capacity

Tips for Choosing an Internal Hard Drive The first is the desired internal hard drive capacity. This relates to your own needs.

If you store more files, data, applications and software that have a large capacity, you should buy an internal hard drive with a large memory capacity such as 1TB or even more.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much storage on your computer, 500 GB to 1TB should suffice.

2. Select Harddisk, SSD, or SSHD

For data storage on a computer, there are three types of storage media that you can consider.

The three types of storage media include Internal Hard Drives, SSDs and SSHDs.

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of SSDs, SSDs are currently the favorite of some users. One of the outstanding advantages of SSD is its speed when running a program. Usually SSD prices are more expensive than hard drives.

Even so, in terms of data storage, SSDs are still inferior to hard drives. In addition, in terms of price, the two are different.

In fact, this is where the role of Storage Media in the form of SSHD, in terms of price is still affordable, the storage media is quite large, but the loading speed is more than Hard Disk (HDD).

But it all comes back to your budget and needs.

3. Transfer rate

This section also needs to be considered by you when you are going to buy an Internal Hard Drive.

It should be noted that the higher the transfer rate used, the faster the response made by the internal hard drive.

This of course makes the data processing speed will be faster.

4. Pay attention to the hard disk cache space

Tips for Choosing an Internal Hard Drive The next thing to consider is the hard disk cache space.

This section serves as a place to transfer data from one section to another.

In general, this cache is located in the hard disk memory. Similar to the previous point that the larger the cache memory capacity used, the faster the data transfer process.

5. Consider the rotational speed of the hard disk

Still in the matter of speed, this time switching to the rotation or hard disk rotation.

To be able to find out the rotation speed of the hard disk, you can look at the RPM section.

The function of the hard disk rotation speed will determine how fast the loading process is carried out by the hard disk.

Similar to the previous points, the larger the RPM number used, the faster the rotation.

6. Warranty

One of the next considerations when buying an internal hard drive is to pay attention to the warranty used.

Every purchase of goods, it is mandatory to pay attention to the warranty, especially electronic goods.

Try to see if the warranty offered is an official warranty or not.

After that, also look at the old part of the warranty offered. If possible, choose a warranty period that is more than one year.

7. Choose a used hard drive or a new hard drive?

For this part, of course, we already know that the new goods have better quality than the old goods.

However, if we look back at the existing budget, sometimes old goods can be an option that must be accepted.

This also applies to the purchase of an Internal hard drive.

If indeed the budget you have can only afford to buy a used hard drive, then you need to be more careful before buying it.

Buying used items is a challenge in itself. Because if you buy it wrong, you will lose quite a lot.

So, try to be more careful.

8. Internal hard drive brand

Although the brand is not so relevant anymore in today’s era, but in certain cases the brand also affects the performance of the internal hard drive.

Try to buy a new internal hard drive that matches the brand with the old internal hard drive.

This is due to the hard disk performance is not reduced much so that the speed is not reduced.

Currently, many brands of internal hard drives are sold freely in the market.

Starting from well-known brands such as Seagate and Western Digital to brands that are not so well known.

Adjust it with the budget you have.

9. Select the size of the internal hard drive

The last part to note is the size of the internal hard drive.

This is actually an option that is not so important because this size is only for ease of installation.

Moreover, the size of the internal hard drive is only of two kinds, namely 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches.

Likewise, SSDs are smaller in size than internal hard drives.

Just make sure the connections on both can work properly via an IDE cable or a SATA cable.

Those are 9 tips for choosing a good and durable internal hard drive on a computer.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

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