How to Download photo and video Instagram in Mozilla Firefox

How to Download photo and video Instagram in Mozilla Firefox

25/12/2022 Download Instagram Photo Video 0
May be you are all wanted to save great picture (photo) or video from instagram to your Gallery Collection, but didn’t know how?

Here the simple way how to Download photo and video Instagram in Mozilla Firefox? Not using html code etc, anymore ….

Here is the Answer, that is use Addon InstaDown Mozilla firefox.

Yes, if you want to download Photo dan Video from Instagram in Mozilla Firefox is using InstaDown.


How it work? Here is the little tips to Download Photo or Video from any other Account? I’m not sure, how is the law, in your country. As far as you didn’t use it to wrong bad purpose, may be, you may allow to do it.

  1. Just Find the instaDown Here or seach from your Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  2. Then Install it, After successfully installed.
  3. Open Instagram in the browser, then
  4. Open Image or Video, that will be appear blue Instadown Logo (with Arrow)
  5. Click it, you’ll bring to the new tab fully preview the image. Right Click the image/photo and then …
  6. Save as the picture intoyour hardrive. Finish!

That its Okay …
THe similar way to download insta in Android, May be some people use the screen capture tu save photo, but not video. It Okey but this way is better. Althought just one by one. If you want to download it All picture just Use Chrome. The link is under this article.

  1. just install App called InstaDown
  2. Open Instagram
  3. Open Photo or Video
  4. Click share to 
  5. Automatically Photo & Video Saved in your Gallery.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope it usefull for you.

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