Logan Full Movie Review 2017

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Logan Full Movie Review 2017

05/05/2021 General 0
Logan movie (alterego Wolverine in X-Men series) has been aired in Indonesia since March 1, 2017. The public interest immediately peaked, because the presence of this movie has long been awaited by fans of superhero movies.But did you know, that the ending of this film will be a determinant of the fate of X-Men movie series in the future? Yes, Fox’s film studio has been making X-Men since 2000, and most of the films are directed by Bryan Singer, while James Mangold, only sits in the director’s chair twice, and all tells the story of Wolverine’s life.From the beginning, Fox knew that the recipe for the behavior of a superhero movie was the ability of the playwright to concoct a potentially great story to develop (in the future), so it was not just an interesting story for a moment then forgotten, aka one hit wonder.Now with the presence of a Logan movie that has a very unexpected ending round (the opposite of most superhero movies), so comes the question mark, what will X-Men movie look like in the future? And will Wolverine’s footsteps just stop in this movie?From Logan’s trailer we can see that the timeline of the film is when Wolverine begins to age (and some of its strength is slowly fading with age) while Professor X’s condition as a X-Men leader is appalling.To be sure, since a few years ago Hugh Jackman has said, Logan is his last film in which he still plays Wolverine.But the latest news says he still wants to consider returning to the adamantium-clawed mutant, as long as the studios want to connect the X-men story in the future, with another super heroine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for example meeting Avenger or Guardian of The Galaxy).Things that differentiateTo be honest, the studios are very worried if Jackman is not willing to act as Wolverine, because so far, indeed only the Australian actor is considered appropriate role as Logan.Logan himself, is the ninth film that Jackman took as Wolverine, and he’s been accompanied by Patrick Stewart seven times as Professor Charles Xavier, the X-Men leader.To be sure, there are many things that distinguish Wolverine movie in 2017 with previous films. For example the rating problem is now changed to R (from its origin PG-13), and this means the movie is not recommended for children and teenagers to watch.That’s why, do not be surprised if you later see this movie, there are many scenes of sadistic murder like a cut head, broken hands and fresh blood splattered everywhere.Not only that, Professor X who usually appear polite, in this film will be much cursed with harsh words, something that is felt by James Mangold as something that will make the character look more real.Recent viewsThe success of the movie Deadpool (which also has a rating of R) last year, a lot more sure to make a lot of Hollywood movie makers think hard, how to find a similar formula but not the same, to make their works have content bertaji but still selling well in the market.Therefore, no wonder if then Mangold as a film director makes Logan appear more vulgar, rough, but has a deep storytelling, something that is liked by the action movie lovers.So no wonder if the rating of this movie star on IMDb is currently sitting at number 9.1, because the story line and action action displayed Logan is really entertaining.Then to answer the question, like what will be the fate of X-Men movie in the future, surely everything will change. And it’s almost certain that the story of Logan and X-Men films in the years tomorrow will come up with a more ‘dark’ style and more to sell bloody murderous slaughter scenes.
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