Making Money with Adsense as an Editor Video

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Making Money with Adsense as an Editor Video

21/04/2021 General 0
As an editor vidio, i seen in youtube, how, the amatir and never learn editing seriusly, but make a lot of money from youtube. 

But in other side, the ‘master’ of video editor, did not make money from online, although a penny, a little bit.

So sad, …. 

Depend on your thought and mind. If they choose to didnot do anything about income online although a penny.  But this is unfortunately … to be left.

Step to making money with youtube or adsense … 
1. Just shoot any video event if just use smartphone
2. Upload it to
3. Submit request to
4. Wait and try it again if fail.
5. Learn and learn, more and more, how to get a lot of money with Adsense via Youtube.

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