This is The Reason Why These Couple Use Mask

This is The Reason Why These Couple Use Mask

31/12/2022 Wedding 0

A photo of a pair of brides in the aisle in an unnatural style, so viral on social media.

In the photo, two brides, both wearing facial masks.

This obviously raises big question marks from netizens.

What is the bride wearing a mask for?

Well, they also get various comments from netizens.

They are accused of netizens wearing the mask, for mere reason.

Netizens call this the latest way for those who are afraid of marriage known to the first wife of the groom.

Is it true?

It turns out this fact as quoted by of Metro Malaysia Daily.
This bridal photo was taken in Malaysia.

The photo was not really a real wedding.

The photo was taken for the purpose of promoting a wedding dress from a boutique.

According to the owner of the boutique, the picture has been taken in Seremban at two different locations on 20 to 25 July.

“The allegations of netizens saying the images were taken in a marriage are not true, because this is just our project,” said Nelissa House Agency Marketing Chairman Nelissa Adreena Nizam.

“Our party provides bridal clothes, while I am looking for a model for the portrayal,” he said again.

Then, why wedding photo promotion should cover the model face?

Nelissa said it was done so that people focused on the beauty of the melayu wedding dress offered.

Not interested in buying because of the beauty and good looks of the photo model. (*)


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