Traveled to Bali Today Cloudy Weather

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Traveled to Bali Today Cloudy Weather

02/04/2021 General 0
The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Center for Region III Denpasar Bali predicts cloudy.

The prediction is valid for 24 hours starting on Saturday (09/19/2015) at 08:00 pm until Sunday (20.09.2015) at 08.00 pm.

In these predictions, BMKG re-emphasize that people need to be aware of potential high waves up to two meters or more.

These waves especially in the waters of the North and the South East Java to NTT.

Moreover, to this day the wind speed BMKG predicts wind back, in nine areas of Bali province on average 20 to 24 kilometers per hour.

As for the seven famous tourist region in Bali, BMKG also predicts a cloudy sky.

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