Trials of life is a whip and affection for our changing

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Trials of life is a whip and affection for our changing

04/03/2022 husband and wife 0
No measurable heart feels sad when we set aside within the family life of its own. If others insult hinalah but if the relationship between the powerful families, as strong winds hit will not give any significant effect.

Another completely different if exposure comes from within the family itself, a place where every pit there is a problem outside, finished and subsides within keluarg. But how about to complain, where about to seek a solution. If his own family can not accept our existence.

I do not understand fikir, how can this happen, is there any error completely private? Or is it because of attitude is outrageous family? So what to do?

Maybe, and I do not deny if there is an error that I do. But is it not understandable that arise outrageous attitude of the people who are closest? I think it’s really too. But how did I get back introspection, to prove that the allegations were not true. I will succeed as I aspired from home. I will prove that my hard worknot an empty delusion. But do not regret it when it happens, will have to get rid of people who do not like, it being too bad for me.

Survive, is the right word at this time so that I can actually prove my hard work during this really was not in vain and will bring major changes include getting rid of people who are too insulting. I’m sorry if the way I had to go. By God I did not intend to hurt anyone. However, because of the outrageous attitude you should be a lesson to not arbitrary Mene again, to anyone.

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