Window Media Player Codec the Solution for Black Video

Window Media Player Codec the Solution for Black Video

01/12/2022 General 1
This article deliberately author created to address two issues or problems Windows Media Player application that is often asked friends or the author’s own experience.

The first problem: Video that we try to open and play with Windows Media Player just out sound no picture (black blank screen). And the second problem: Windows Media Player can not open play FLV files and .3GP.

And generally will appear also an error message like this:
Windows Media Player can not play the file. The Player MIGHT not support the file type or MIGHT not support the codec that was used to compress the file

Here are two simple solutions to the problem above. Hope can be useful to the reader.

1. Download and Install Windows Codec

Two problems are usually caused by applications on Windows Media Player does not support downloading video files song (example: FLV or .3GP) that we want to play. Readers need to know the song standard video files supported Windows Media Player application is limited.

I wonder also why Microsoft does not directly provide a complete codec support for video files of popular songs into its Windows Media Player product.

The solution we could try to download and install K-Lite Mega Codec of

Note: Readers be careful and do not download Windows Codec haphazardly from the internet. Because of some of the reviews that the author read very much Windows Media Player Codec unclear. If we download and install also useless to no avail or even contain a trojan virus.

2. Use Alternative Songs Video Players

Or let its Windows Media Player. We can install and use the video player alternative song (there are many options). Examples of one good and free: VideoLAN. If the reader wants to try can directly download and install it from the website:

VideoLAN is a great app and the authors recommend for this application from its default standard supports many video file formats and song.

Similarly, a brief article about how to troubleshoot problems in Media Player. Hope can be useful and can provide solutions to the reader.

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