12 Ways to Burning DVD Safe and Not Fail in Window 7

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12 Ways to Burning DVD Safe and Not Fail in Window 7

11/04/2022 General 4

Failure in the process of burning is sometimes annoying. DVD quality is different from the VCD or CD. In terms of both capacity and of course the speed of writing / burning. That did not experience a lot of obstacles in the process of burning, the following:

12 Ways to Burning DVD Safe and Not Fail in window 7

Still strip made of a thin layer of aluminum-coat the star is more practical and cheaper to use. So many users provide some data given to other users using the CD / DVD because the price is cheap and easy.
“How to Save Data RAW Original photo and video files much capacity

Well, this time I would like to share about how to burn a CD / DVD that is practical, incidentally DVD-RW media that I use LG DVD-RW SuperMulti with low price at Rp 195,000 yuk follow the 12 tips:
1. How to create a data disc
Burner default Windows sometimes not so good result can not be read by other devices. solution you can use open source software such mild CS BurnerXP or ImgBurn.
This makes it simple to burn data to disk, and avoid the need to cache the entire disc contents to a temporary folder on your procces. If using BurnerXP CD, run the program and select ‘the Data disc’. Browse the file or folder and then drag and drop to the bottom panel. Check your disk indicator. Click ‘Burn’ to write files to disk. In ImgBurn, select “Write files / folders to disk ‘, then drag the files you want to burn into the left panel. Click the ‘Build’ button and the program will check your compilation, offering corrections to make the disc compatible with most devices. It can also verify the data on the disc after burning.

2. How to overburn disk

 Run CD Burner XP, insert the disk, and add the file or folder you want to burn. If the remaining capacity of the disk data size slightly, click the ‘Burn’, then select ‘overburn’ when there is a mismatch warning.
If the disc-burning successfully, and then test it to see all the files have been transferred. The smaller the overburn, the less likely you are to have problems.
3. How to secure disc burning
The easiest way to encrypt a file on disk is to use TrueCrypt. Enter the name of the file and save it in your folder. Fill in the password and select to format the volume.
4. How to create a bootable DOS disk
You may want to create a DOS boot disk if you have an old game that only runs under DOS. To do this, you need a PC with a floppy drive and a DOS boot disk, which you can download from www.bootdisk.com.
Use ImgBurn and select ‘mode | Build ‘. Put a DOS boot disk into the floppy disk drive. Choose ‘Advanced | Bootable disc ‘and select’ Make bootable image ‘.
Select ‘1.44MB Floppy Disc’ as a kind of emulation and select your floppy drive under ‘extract boot image’. Add more files you want to include. Insert your CD and click “Burn”. Boot berahasil created in CD as well as drive A :.
5. How to burn CD / DVD dual layer
Use software ImgBurn, select ‘build mode’ and add DVD video files you need. Click ‘Burn’ button and provide the volume label. ImgBurn shows some suggestions for layer break position. Select one and click ‘OK’ to continue.
6. How to burn audio CDs
CDs that play in standard CD players need to be in the Compact Disc Digital Audio Format. Most of the music files stored on the PC in a compressed form and needs to be changed. Some programs are capable of doing this, including Windows Media Player, but the CD BurnerXP provides a very simple interface.
Launch the program and select ‘Audio discs’. Click ‘OK’. Browse to the audio file that you want included in your disk and drag them to the bottom panel in the order you want them to appear on the CD. Insert the CD and click the ‘Burn’ to produce the final disc.
7. How to merge VOB files
DVD recorded on the camcorder or home DVD recorders store the contents in a VOB, IFO and BUP files. Files with the extension VOB containing video, while the other type includes information d
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sk and backup.
You can play VOB file in VLC media player, but the files are not always matched by chapter.
To get the full video, you may need to combine multiple VOB files. There is a simple program that will do this, called Join VOB Files Tool. Get it from here, then unzip the file and launch the executable.
Click ‘Add VOB file’ and browse to the file you want to join. Click ‘Change the file name’ and give it a name and location to join the file, and then click the ‘Join VOB file’.
8. How to burn Blu-ray discs

To burn Blu-ray discs, you will need a disk drive itself and is able to write to it. ImgBurn supports Blu-ray recording. Launch and select Write File / Folder to disk. For data disk, add any files and folders you want to ‘Source’ box.

If you have a Blu-ray disc video writing, you should have a folder labeled ‘BDAV’ or ‘BDMV’, and the label ‘CERTIFICATE’. Browse and add them to your compilation.
Now select ‘Options’ on the right side, then ‘Data Type MODE1 / 2048’. For ‘Filesystem’ select ‘UDF’, and ‘UDF revision’ select ‘2 .50’. Check the box labeled ‘Recursive subdirectories.

Now, in the ‘Information’ tab, click ‘Calculate’ to check that you have enough space. Click ‘Build’ and give volume label when prompted.

9. How to create a file Recovery

Every time you burn a data disc, you might have some spare space. You can use it to store other files to ensure each disk was full up, or you can use it to gain better to save files to a data recovery that has been put on your disk.

QuickPar is data verification and recovery tool that lets you create a recovery of the original file. If something is missing, you can use files recovery and what is left of the data to reconstruct the missing bit.

Launching QuickPar and click ‘Add files’. Add all the files you want to include on your disc. Pull ‘redundancy’ slider to the size of the data that matches your spare room. Click ‘Create’ to generate PAR2 file. Once done, go back to your disc-burning program, adding PAR2 files and burn the disc.

10. How to restore files from PAR2
Launching QuickPar and click ‘Open’. Browse to one of PAR2 file in addition to the data that you copied from your disk is damaged.

The software will detect missing or corrupted files and show them as scan data. As long as not too much data has been corrupted, QuickPar can recover what has been lost. Click ‘Repair’ and wait for the program to restore damaged files to their rightful place.

11. How to read a damaged disk
If you find that CD or DVD is no longer read properly and there is no visible fingerprints or scratches, you may be able to save some or most of the data using the free version of ISO Buster.

Enter your disk is damaged and launched ISO Buster. Click ‘Refresh’ if undetected. You’ll see every recording session on the disc. Select ‘File’ and choose the session. Select ‘Extract session | Extract user data ‘. Provide a location to save it to disk. You can then open the image and restore files intact.

12. How to convert to ISO

Install ISO Recorder, which is available from here. Insert the disk you want to convert, right click on My Computer and choose ‘Create image’.

In the dialog, make sure the correct drive is selected and browse to the location where you want to save the image file. Giving the name of the file. Click ‘Next’ and wait as the ISO image is generated. When it’s finished, click ‘Finish’. You can now browse to your ISO disk image file.


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